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Happy Hostess

gubegube subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in New Member Welcome
   Hi, I am a brand new member and don`t quiet get this yet. I own the Happy Hostess, I  am a party server at home parties. I am those extra set of hands people need when having a home party. I set up, serve and clean-up while the host is enjoying her guests. When I leave there is nothing to do but keep the party going. Since my business is in the greater mtro Boston area I need some type of PR to keep my name out there. Newspaper ads don`t really work , seeing me at a party gets me 95% of my business. Help!


  • pcasstle1pcasstle1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi gube!
    Welcome to the forum. I think your business is very original. Do you have a website? Maybe this could help you out.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello and Welcome gube!!  I love the concept and as someone that entertains often, I really could use an extra set of hands and totally see the value in your service.  I agree with pcasstle1.  I think a website is a must.
  • LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    I think you the website is a good idea, but you`ve still got to get people to your website.  I think "Word of Mouth" is your best advertisement--it always is and that`s where I get most of my business.  Here are a few more places to advertise:
    *In our community, there are auctions for high schools and charities.  Donate a party to a few different auctions that people can hear about the service and the auctioneer talks it up so people bid on it higher.  (The people attending are often the wealthier ones that would like this service--and like to not have to worry about the details.)
    *Advertise in Preschools as these parents can get over their heads--but only if you like kids` parties. 
    *Ask the people that you have done this service to give you referrals and/or give them an incentive that if they refer 3 friends/parties to you, then they will save 20% off their next party.
    *Team up with some DJs, Clowns, and other people that are already doing party events and network with them.
    There are more ideas and incentives that can be done, but these are some that I think will help your business grow.  Good Luck!
  • gubegube subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi , no I do not have a website yet..but I`m thinking of getting one.  But how would local people in my area know about it, this is my challenge. Gube
  • gubegube subscriber Posts: 1
    I am just the set of extra hands , no website yet.. but how would local people know about it if I get one? Gube
  • gubegube subscriber Posts: 1
    Ok, I like the auction idea , however I did get involved with one and nothing came about it not even the person who bid on it.. but I`ll try again. Preschoolers sounds Ok .. how do I approach that one? Really its when someone has a party and I am there that someone somes over and takes my card and I get a call from them. Paper ads don`t really do it. Word of mouth is it but I won`t stop trying. Gube
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