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BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2006 in Marketing
One of the most fundamental tools in any area of your life is research. And it applies not only to business. If you are buying something, the Internet has provided us with the most sophisticated tool to allow us to find information on what we want to buy; if you are going out with your wife/hub, girl/boyfriend, you want to research the best restaurants, movies to see. The rest of this story you already know. But I think we are missing an opportunity here.
One thing that I feel we have been missing in this beyond incredible tool created by jeff and rich is more directive information on how to get research and how to use it.
I have been trying to start a business in Jacksonville, which is basically a child development facility. I have no idea what industry I am in, I don`t know where to look and I am in desperate need of help.
Therefore, I think it`d help everyone if we had a research link where things like sensus bureau (http://www.census.gov/</A>) and some other places could be exposed. Moreover, not just the link, but an educative link where we could also find information on how, why and when we should use research.
Good luck everyone and thanks in advance for any feedback I get here. Also, if I can help in anyway please let me know.


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Really appreciate this feedback Bupulga - we can certainly work on building out our content focused on market research, but I did want to point out a couple of recent articles we published on this topic on Competitive Market Analysis and Market Research.
  • BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    Chuck, thanks for the feedback!
    I checked the articles and they very helpful.
    The reason I started this discussion is because, I worked with media for many years and one of the things that made us highly efficient in our jobs was to know what our clients wanted, how viewers responded to our products (programs) and what really was not working at all.
    Starting a business has been a amanzing challenge and research is the basis of everything I am trying to do. I am just a corporate rat and all the answers were always in other departments. Now that I am flying solo I have to search for the answers in a new way. But I will get there.
    So, let`s see if we can start a research link and help the less educated in the subject, such as myself, to become better in it.
    You guys are awsome. Thanks again.
  • BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    one other thing.
    I think it`d be very helpful if everyone could make suggestions on how to go about it.
    Thanks again.
  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    So... did you find the search information you needed?

    If you have not found it already, I normally use First Search, however
    I have found Hoovers and buyusainfo.net to be good to.  I believe
    that buyusainfo.net is free if you have a library card.

  • BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback. I have found some materials and continue to learn more about it. I have also visisted the local library to find they have lots of info and want to be very helpful.
    However, my suggestion was a bit beyond my needs, it was more targeting a potential link in this site where research could be an independent topic.
    I know that folks are always trying to find stuff out there and that is how the Internet became so popular. So, I thought it`d be a good idea to have a bigger focus on the research topic in here. From where to go when needing something to how to use the tools available online in a more productive way. This may actually be a bizz opp.
    Thanks again.
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