Review my Online Bookstore?

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Looking for improvement.


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    Nice site!
    Just 2 reccomendations -
    1)  in the cetner of the home page you advertise 2 `free gifts` each based on the dollar amount you spend. However, the fonts are squiggly and (at least in my opinion) are hard to read. I woud reccomend something bolder and easier to decipher.
    2) I am ALWAYS on the look out for I was eager to look at your site. However, I had to tool around a bit before I figured out that you specialize in EDUCATIONAL books and peripherals. Not that there is anything wrong with that...I was just thinking perhaps you would be better sereved making that more `obvious` on your home page. Using tag lines and clearer examples of how you serve the education market would not only help with web page optimization, but would make you appear to be more of an `expert` in the field. In a playing field of 1 million or so websites, you need to stand out as both a serious/knowledgable competitor and and bringer of something fresh and new.
    I hope this is helpful...
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