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My name is Sandra and my website is It is a subscriber-based informational service based on, but not limited to, the Dr. Carroll Food Intolerance Test and way of life. At the moment, probably 95% of the subscribers are patients who are referred to the site by their doctors, who benefit because most of their patients` questions are answered interactively through the site, which saves the doctors much time from being constantly interrupted with questions. What can I do to gain interest of web surfers to be potential subscribers, and then most likely patients of doctors who prescribe the Carroll Food Intolerance method of eating? What is the best way to drive them to the site? Also, any suggestions for the home page?
Thank you.


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    Tamappy -
    I would reccomend finding Forums and Blogs that talk about this program (or similar ones) and posts replies and content of your own. Do NOT position your posts as advertisements for your site, but rather position yourself as some sort of an `expert` so to speak and let them check your site out for MORE information (or verification of the facts you present).
    Over time, your reputation will build and more and more people in the social circles that take an interst about these things will look at your site and talk about it to THEIR circle of influence.
    This is the fastest and most direct way to create `buzz` without telemarketing! 
    DefMall7/24/2008 3:56 PM
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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply so quickly. Your critiques and input has been very helpful and you have given me some great direction on what I need to focus on and what changes can be made. The fire and passion are back! Your great service is appreciated. I would appreciate any and all other suggestions offered as well.
    In Health, Sandratamappy7/28/2008 1:20 PM
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