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I just read the blog on marketing with signage, which is great for businesses loacated at physical locations. What about marketing a website business/service? I like the idea of a magnetic sign for the vehicle. I am on a very limited budget and could use some other ideas also.
Thank you.


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    Would you elaborate more on that. Are you referring to graphics and pictures on  the actual website? What form of "signage" would you use to get them there in the first place? I am working on a video presentation, which I`ll probably put on YouTube.
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    It can be difficult to figure out how to get people to your page why don`t you check this out:

    It is a way to get leads, do viral marketing and it is FREE, you will need a domain name, but you can actually make money doing this which you could use on advertising for more of your business.  It does take some time to set everthing up but the videos will take you step by step you don`t have to try to figure everything out yourself.
    Good luck to you,
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