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Website Feedback Please

mamothbluemamothblue subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2007 in Website Critique
Hi All, first post. Appreciate being here.Just launched my site and would appreciate and feedback.www.custom-home-designs.comMany thanks =)Fritz


  • tobintobin subscriber Posts: 1
    To me it seems like the directory is empty. I would suggest adding
    to the site, even if it means you finding companies or consumers that you
    think would benefit using your site.

    The directory part is obvious, but it needs content. It`s hard to give a
    since I can`t see what a listing would actually look like. I don`t have a
    business or product I would recommend, so I`d fall into the "consumer"

    You mention Community in your tag line, but where is the community?
    do I get involved with other users? Is there a forum? Are there reviews,
    ratings, or testimonials?

    I think I have more questions then I do actual feedback. I`d suggest
    adding some content yourself and then asking for another round of
  • MaximumCEOMaximumCEO subscriber Posts: 0
    Because your website is brand new, I recommend placing a portion of the
    About Us page on the front page just above the directly.  This
    change will help new visitors quickly establish the purpose of your

    Also, it looks like you`re using Joomla to power your website. 
    Visit the forums on Joomla.org and post your site for reviews. 
    The people visiting those forums are very polite and willing to help
    new users critique and improve their websites.
  • mamothbluemamothblue subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone, thanks for the help so far. I`ve modified a few things as pointed out.I`ve tested functionality and all works ok. If anyone wants to try their welcome. I can always delete their account if you feel unsure.Again, many thanksFritz
  • tobintobin subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Fritz,

    I stumbled across this site the other day and thought it could provide some
    ideas for you. http://30elm.com/

    t.tobin2007-10-8 1:26:38
  • mamothbluemamothblue subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone, thanks again for your feedback.URL has been updated to reflect BrandLook and Feel - UpdatedContent still coming...www.mamoth-home-designs.comFeedback is again welcome and appreciated... =)
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