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Stripe a parking lot.

americanstripingamericanstriping subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
Parking lot striping. Yes...yellow lines that tell us where to park...I paint those using 2 parking lot line striping machines. Now I`ll teach you.
Parking lot striping is always listed in those "best businesses to start" listings. I agree.
In my area it would cost about $400.00 to Re-stripe a parking lot that had 150 cars and a stencil or two.
The job would take 2-3 hours and paint would cost $90.00. I made 30K in my 3rd Summer.
If there weren`t any stripes and I had to Layout the parking lot and then stripe it...I would invoice = bill $600.00. The job would take 3-4 hours and paint would still cost $90.00. I made 60K in my 4th Summer. I took Winter off.
Look into this business...it`s not too expensive to start...but just specialized enough to keep most people from trying...but not me...or you.
Dan Zurcher
American Striping Co.
Columbus OH


americanstriping1/16/2008 8:45 PM


  • holycowcreativeholycowcreative subscriber Posts: 1
    Here`s an interesting niche of your niche. http://www.parkingstripe.com/
  • americanstripingamericanstriping subscriber Posts: 1
    I see those ads...but mostly I see negative comments...i.e. can`t wait to do a burn out.
    That being said..they could be wrong. I went to the link as a contractor wanting to know more and possibly offering the service. If I missed the opportunity to find that...well...I couldn`t find it. Beyond that..as a striper...running a car over the ad to apply it seems time consuming...also if I paid to advertise...when will Home Depot be Re-striping the lot and thus cover my ad forever?...will they come off?...and blow around the lot?
    I know you`re a thinker and you want more than a bobble head surrounding you saying yup yup great idea..so try this...a parking lot striping forum...see what others in my field think...not that we`re the be all do all...but here`s another thought I had...my paint reacts with some existing paints and will blister the underlying...will the next Re-stripe react and blister the film? after 1 hour...will it then come off and take the new paint too? I would still want paid from Home Depot and make sure they realize the risk is their`s. Anyhow...it does look interesting...but...I would hate to give the proverbial thumbs up and show feigned interest and then have you sink time and money into something...moreover, I really hope I`m wrong...if this is your product...I hope it takes off...if it`s a product you`re representing...and some of these things I`ve mentioned are comin up...well...I mean no harm...Good luck.
    americanstriping1/15/2008 5:42 PM
  • jkspaintingjkspainting subscriber Posts: 0
    How much would you bid on making a parking lot have striping a football field for the band to practice on?
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    This is a wonderful way of making money. It must be really fun.
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