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Greetings from Mac

MacRPMacRP subscriber Posts: 3
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Greetings, my wife and I moved a few years ago back to MN.  Looking for a safer community, plus I grew up in MN.
I spent the next several months looking for a job and playing stay at home daddy.  And what a blessing that time was as our 7 year old daughter, the middle child, was hit and killed by a car while out on a bike ride.
Thankfully, my wife and I were drawn to the Lord in the previous 15 years and had taught the scriptures well to all our children.  Some may relate to that and some may not.  For us, it was what kept us together and has every day since. 
If my wife learned anything from all the books she read it was not to make significant changes in your surviving children`s lives over the next few years.  So we did not.  It was decided that I would continue to play stay at home daddy, make lunches, get the kids to school, volunteer in class, and be here to great them when they get home each day.
So as a stay at home father I spent a lot of time being bored and wondering what I could do other than laundry, cooking, moping, shopping, etc.  Further, my wife took a vow of poverty as a social worker so it is not like we will ever be showered in rivers of gold or anything. 
Anyway, I came up with a new business model based upon what I know, the industry I have always worked in, and such while driving home from the cities.
I have been working on my BP, Rev, Exp, etc. like crazy.  I really have a great idea, but no, I cant share it with you as it is only an idea, not a product that I have a patent on, trademarks on, etc.  So it will be first to market!
So now I am looking for data on this and that.  Looking for a really good SMB Forum where I can get and share good ideas, info, etc.
My first post will be about shipping.  I need to know... Mehhhh... Just look for my post! 
Peace and Blessings


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