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Starting up a business, not knowing what to do

WickedBWickedB subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2012 in Business Planning
Hello everyone,I am just starting out in this "business world" I don't know much about business I won't say that I do. I know how I can do some smaller advertising in my area, but as for large scale marketing/advertising I don't know how.If anyone can help me out here are some issues I am facing which are the biggest issues.-Picking a company name, I checked trademark registration and WI business name search, the name of what I want my company doesn't show up, but the website is taken.-I don't know how to go about getting loans and grants.-I am trying to learn, but a lot of this business help programs really are confusing to me.-I have been doing videography for 2-3 years now freelancing, it's difficult to market myself despite my skillset. (Winning awards for best film/Making international television through contests on Satellite tv/local news etc...) I feel like I can use this to my advantage some how.-I haven't made much money doing this though, so I sell things online to keep afloat so to speak.-I want to expand to states next to me as well, but I don't know how I can do that and since I haven't had regular jobs how much more difficult will it be to get loans and grants? I am guessing much harder.-I would just goto an attorney but honestly I just don't have that sort of money at the moment unless I use grant money to pay for them, which would kind of nullify the point of the company funding probably.-How much are taxes yearly assuming I make little to nothing, just for owning the name? Also to have it trademarked/buying the name in the State of WI.-If it's just me do I want LLC/LLP/Corporation? If I plan on having people help me out once in awhile on shoots, but nothing "official" what do I name it? Also I'll be working from my home.Sorry for all the typical questions, I assume you get these all the time, but if I could get any help of course it is very much appreciated, thank you all for your help and guidance in my journey to starting a business.


  • adrina34smitadrina34smit subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are starting new business you should keep all details of your business and you can take help from right agent and select right place.
  • EricaJohnnsEricaJohnns subscriber Posts: 0
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