Is anyone here selling internet Marketing services to Locals?

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Hi I`m Gina Gray, new to the forum Looks like a great place to visit and learn.
I own an internet marketing consulting company. My company helps maily local businesses grow through online marketing solutions.
I was wondering if anyone here on the boards offer the same kinds of services to local business owners?
Gina Gray
GinaGray5/21/2009 3:27 PM


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    HI Charles,
    Nice to meet you.
    I actually started a local video directory as well a few months ago for my local area. I have gotten too busy with other projects as of late, but plan to resume promoting it again soon.
    Sure I will look for you on skype.
    Are you shooting the video`s yourself?
    Gina Gray
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    Hi Gina, 
    I offer marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses in the Santa Cruz, CA area.  One of my marketing strategies is to focus on local businesses that I can visit personally, and build long-term relationships with.  I`m hoping this will lead to a network effect, bringing me addition business through local referrals. 
    I`m located in Boulder Creek, CA, which is about 15 miles from Santa Cruz, and 20 miles from San Jose. My website is This is a relatively new business for me, so I`m open to any advice you and the others on this forum may have for my website and positioning.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 
    Maggie Barr
    Boulder Creek, CA

    [email protected]

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    Hi maggie,
    Nice to meet you. Great to hear you are offering services to local business owners.
    What services actaully do you offer, just curious?
    I went to your site and the page on Services was kind of vague.
    I didn`t see anything specific that you do.
    Can you enlighten me.
    Gina Gray
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    Ya, that`s something I still need to work on.... my services page.  Here`s a more comprehensive list:
    - develop written marketing plans for annual planning cycles
    - design and implement marketing campaigns to drive sales or build a brand
    - plan & execute direct mail and email promotional programs
    - create and place affordable online advertisements
    - launch social media networking campaigns on sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter
    -  prepare and deliver PR and publicity campaigns
    - build channel co-marketing programs
    I`m glad you asked to me do this, since it`s been something I`ve been putting off.   Do you think this list is thorough enough?
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    Hi Maggie,
    I still think you can elobarate just a little bit more especially with this one (develop written marketing plans for annual planning cycles) Maybe just a little more explaining this one.
    As well as this one (design and implement marketing campaigns to drive sales or build a brand) explain which methods you use to do that. Ok one more (build channel co-marketing programs)
    Just see if maybe you can write a short description for those 3. Explain the service, how it works and how it benefits them.
    Hope this helps
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