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Need Help Setting Up Limo Company in NJ

LHLLHL subscriber Posts: 1
Hello,I have been working for a Limousine company in NYC, for 2 years. It is time to open my wings and fly solo.Due to the lack of money and the nature of the business, in the beginning I will be a one man show, running the business and providing the service (Driving) myself.I am looking for help setting up and starting the company, from getting the name registered, getting all the required licenses to stablishing a system to handle everyday accounting/bookkeeping practices.Thanks in advance.LuisLHL2006-9-23 18:48:59


  • DrLADrLA subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Luis,
    Limo service in New York City?  Sounds exciting.  A great place to start is a business plan that identifies your target market, your "break even" point and sets the foundation for a promising business.  Although a lot of people attempt to do business without one a business plan gives you opportunity to set goals and along the way evaluate your progress.  As a limousine service I suggest incorporating your business versus being a sole proprieter.
    As far as the licenses contact the New York City Taxi and Limosine Commission on the link below.
    If you need help with the business plan or setting up your business visit my website at www.sowglobal.com</A> and click on the "Services" page.
    Best wishes,
    Dr. LA
  • LHLLHL subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you Dr. LA for your reply.The business will operate out of NJ not NY. NJ is close to NYC but its not under the jusrisdiction of the  NY Taxi and Limousine Commission, just the way I want it .All I want is to set up a company that will provide transportation solutions to upscale executives and private clients located mainly in NY and NJ.This company needs to meet all the legal requirements of both states.Another area I need coaching on is the accounting/managing part of it. I need probably an Accountant that will set up an accounting system and teach me  some best practices. By this I mean, what receipts to keep, how to file them, what is to be paid through checks, how to handle account receivables/payables, etc. I am sure I will need to do my own bookkeeping at first, but that is ok as long as I am taught what needs to be done and how to do it.too long a post, sorry about that.all help appreciated.Luis
  • LHLLHL subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig,How is Cassandra doing these days?Cool gremlin A good accountant is something I hope to find here, we`ll see.I am also into computers and love teaching. Small world.Luis.
    LHL2006-9-23 20:52:47
  • LHLLHL subscriber Posts: 1
    Thats great,I am looking forward to that book.Luis.
    LHL2006-9-24 5:23:29
  • OilGuruOilGuru subscriber Posts: 0
    What maintenance schedule will you use for routine maintenance covering engine and drive train? If you want an education in proper maintenance, contact me. I can help you save a bit of money in that area.
    Albert "AL" Rich
  • edongzkisieteedongzkisiete subscriber Posts: 0
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  • SullySully subscriber Posts: 7
    Are you interested in NYC mid westside??
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
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