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Approaching Retailers

stelkastelka subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Sales
Hi! I recently launched a unique apparel & accessories line for children, women & men. I am in the greater NY area, and have no excuses as to why I shouldn`t go door to door approaching boutiques in representing my line. However, I am extremely nervous and shy. I know I have a great product (I`ve done several craft shows and received a tremendous response), but don`t have any skills to push my line through to the market. I`ve edcided to do a Children`t show at Javits Center this October in the hopes that store owners will approach me, rather than myself having to go out looking for them. My time and budget are extremely limited, as in addition to a part time job and family, I handle all day to day operations including product design, marketing, finance, ordering, etc. I am in the initial steps of my business, can anyone guide me as to what I should concentrate on first? I have had my hats included in this year`s GRAMMY Foundation Benefit honoring Quincy Jones, and 50 VIP celebrities have received my product. My Lucky Eye hats will also be featured in this Fall`s Hollywood Life and Woman`s Day magazines, but until then, how do I market my line? It is so diversified. Do I concentrate on each line separately at first (children`s wear for example)? Please guide me. Thank you


  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    It sounds like you have all of the positive reinforcement that you need with the GRAMMY thing and being featured in a magazine.  Trust me that shyness and nervousness will all go away after your first big retailer picks up your line, you will become a seasoned pro after that.
    If you don`t want to do that still, I would suggest doing a internet search for sales representatives that will sell your item for commission only.  This is often a very good way to go and with the publicity you already have it should not be hard to get a rep. to take on your line.
    When I started, I was nervous and scared of rejection.  It all went away with my first big order, I feel like now I can sell to anybody, no matter how intimidating the situation is.
    My company does initial searches to set you up a rep. network if you are interested.  I know that you said you are on a budget, so I will tell you that this is something that you can do by yourself to save money.
    Best of luck.
    Trent Rousey
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