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ThinkingBig07ThinkingBig07 subscriber Posts: 1
Hi Gang,
I came across this Ebook called "No Thank You Rich Jerk - Honest Riches" that will help you succeed with your website!  Swear!!!!
I`ve been a web designer for 10 years and I believe I knew alot about SEO tricks.  But this ebook gave me many more ways to make my site #1 and to bring alot more traffic. 
Not only does it help you with your site, it also gives you many money making ideas to try without spending a PENNY!  Very cool.
Must check it out - CLICK HERE!


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    ThinkingBig07ThinkingBig07 subscriber Posts: 1
    My main website is www.michigan-horse.com</A> which give me a nice check monthly for my adsense ads.  I`m ranked in the #1 position on Google for many of many keywords.
    The ebook I`m talking about though gives much more detail on MANY ways of promoting your website.  Through articles, forums, blogs, FREE things that you can do to propel your site to #1 (or close to it).
    Plus she gives you other tidbits of information of how to make money online.
    I have honestly bought about 10 ebooks in this area, and this is by far the best. 
    Check it out - CLICK HERE and start your Honest Riches!
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    ThinkingBig07ThinkingBig07 subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes, I am new to this forum, but not new to the internet world of trying to make a buck or a few hundred bucks.
    Honest Riches, is a really great ebook.  Lots of things you can do for free.
    I also just bought Day Job Killer and didn`t care for it.  It`s all adword campaigning.   That`s fine if that`s how you want all your income, but I want multiple ideas to get there. 
    I also have 4 websites .... Kentucky Horse.  I do fairly well with my Adsense Ads on those sites ... so as you can see, this is a subject I know a bit about.
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    bluedogbitesbluedogbites subscriber Posts: 0
    wow, lisa gives some advice that she thinks is pertinent to the cause of this site and she gets bit for not applying craigs laws of posting.  simply put, the book is an excellent source of information for web marketing techniques - but what do i know, i just joined...........
    i think there is a generic problem with so called "entrepeneurs" that they like to think they are more important than they are.
    keep in mind - my fellow geniuses, 
    - those who talk rarely do and those who do rarely talk
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    glgcpaglgcpa subscriber Posts: 0 Member

    keep in mind - my fellow geniuses, - those who talk rarely do and those who do rarely talk

    and the last part of that quote....those who succeed share what they`ve learned.
    That`s the whole point of this community, for those who have succeeded to help those who are learning.  The ones who are so busy working are either not efficient enough yet to be truly successful and therefore they do not have the time to help others to succeed or they are stumbling.
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    bluedogbitesbluedogbites subscriber Posts: 0
    gina, thank you - you`re making my point exactly.  the intention of these posts is not to outwit and belittle so called "newbys", it`s to teach, learn and promote.  i take exception to posts that try to belittle someone for their good intentions.  Lisa`s sites are excellent work; she clearly knows what she`s doing.  i would ask that "newbys" are congratulated for taking part and supported to continue providing their unique expertise.  ok, rant officially over
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    glgcpaglgcpa subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It`s my suspicion that the original poster and bluedogbites are the same person.  Both poster`s websites are from Michigan, both new posters, same style of writing, etc.
    Based on the link provided the original poster is an affiliate of the e-book she is trying to promote; thus anyone who purchases the book from the link provided will be helping this poster earn money.  That`s perfectly fine by me if the book is a great resource for whomever purchases it.
    It should be noted however, that you can actually become an affiliate without ever purchasing or reading the e-book (http://honestriches.com/index.php?optio ... &Itemid=31).  In my opinion the original poster either didn`t read the book or the book isn`t that good (I have not read the book and do not intend on reading it).
    The reason I believe this is because the site she claims has a number 1 ranking based on keywords has only two words in her source document "michigan horse".  If you google either one of those two words, separately or together, her site is nowhere to be found. 
    If you use one of the freely available page rank checkers (http://www.iwebtool.com/pagerank_checker) you`ll see that she has a page ranking of 4.
    In comparison, my website, that I created myself, using no special SEO books or tools, is also a page ranking of 4.  So it makes me wonder if that`s about average as that`s where I would have guessed my page would have fallen.As many business owners have learned, the point is to do your research before you spend your money based on any product or service, especially if the product is promoted in the fashion that this product has been.
    Just in case someone thinks a page ranking of 4 is good, I`ll let everyone know what I did to obtain the same page rank as the original poster.  I used the basic KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) principal:Clean website with not a lot of javascript or other code that many browsers and users do not likeNo adsSay what you want to say in as few words as possible
    That`s it and it`s free.
    Best wishes.
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    bluedogbitesbluedogbites subscriber Posts: 0
    gina,  you guys are like the csi of the site. sorry lisa and i are both from michigan and different people.  what are the odds?
    have a successful 2008
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