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I made a good product, now what?

nlarsonnlarson subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2009 in Marketing
The past few months I have been working on developing my own product. I am new to marketing my own product and looking for some suggestions on how I can start getting sales!I have been looking in to ppc, as well as free methods like commenting, link exchange, press release, etc. we've done some commenting and forum stuff but still no sales. Probably due to the fact we aren't being targeted enough, our site sucks, or something.We have a twitter account with almost 800 followers. We have sold 3 bottles offline but nothing so far online. I know the product works due to the response I heard from a pro golfer we let try it and a water skier we sponsored. I also use the product and love it (that was the purpose for creating it).The site is: engage nutrition dot com (without spaces)Any suggestions or thoughts on the site content/set-up would be awesome, thanks.
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