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Great, profitable bisuness opportunity.

androyydeandroyyde subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Elevator Pitches
Are you an investor looking for a fresh business opportunity? I`m looking to find and investor(s) who is interested in funding an international project which involves the importation of an incredibly innovative piece of equipment which promises a huge success and of which we have exclusive rights. The primary market study revealed that there is a huge potential for this product given the high levels of curiosity that it generates due to the incredible benefit that it provides and considering there is no market competition or previous presence of the same or similar type of service or equipment. Our preliminary business plan and cash flow analisys based on very accurate data results in a 70% gross revenue before administrative expenses but after considering sales commissions and basic operative expenses.
The amount needed to start the project is 175K and the turn around time projection is 9 months in the worst case scenario with a 35% return for the investor along with the opportunity to re invest in the following lot or cycle with similar or same returns.
The effectivity and benefits of this equipment have been proven 100%, we have more than 12 years of expertise in this particular industry and thorough knowledge of the market, we have established clients as well as very serious potential customers for both residential and industrial targets.
For more general information about the details and the specific nature of this project don`t hesitate to contact us in order to arrange a confidentiality protected presentation.
Thank you,
Andres Sevilla


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