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What do I need to be careful of with forums/blogs

love777love777 subscriber Posts: 13
IF i have pages that allow people to post their opinions on something. Is there anything I need to consider that might get me in trouble?


  • olegoleg subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    For one, you will need a strategy to deal with spammers and other disruptive posts.
  • maryannfarrugiamaryannfarrugia subscriber Posts: 11
    You need to be careful if the forum or blog is flagged by using site explorer from MOZ. You can see the score there and the domain & page authority score also. You can also check some topics and if you see there are many spam links you need to get away from that.

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  • edatascholarsedatascholars subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    We have to be more careful with forums and blog sites. More people will post the unnecessary comments and make our blog and forum site spam, to get rid of this we need to maintain certain rules and regulations. Before making live cross check the post manually and then approve it..
  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao subscriber Posts: 176 Silver Level Member
    You can manually review and approve the posts, or at least use "nofollow" tag to reduce spams.
    Tuah Bao
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  • PrimeItSolutionPrimeItSolution subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Here are the some mistakes you have to avoid when writing blogs:

    Over-optimizing with your keyword in the “name” section
    Using a fake or inactive email address
    Writing comments that aren’t relevant to the topic
    Writing a spammy comment
  • ananyadesignsananyadesigns subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Forums and Blogs are two different things. With Forums, be selective. Choose the ones that are highly moderated because that is where you get good content but those are also the danger zones because you cannot spam so these cannot be used for traffic pull. If you are trying to post useless comments with the aim to post links, get ready to be flagged spam which becomes a loss. So, choosing a moderated forum might be helpful for content but not for promotion. 

    For Blogs, never over optimize too much that makes the blog look spammy and loses its authenticity even if it does rank on search engine. Also, do not write spammy comments, be relevant that helps both the purpose.
    Content matter a lot on Blogs. Keep that in mind always.
  • MarkHenryMarkHenry subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member


    That's a good question!

    I think you should follow:

    1. Delete irrelevant opinion/comments on your post
    2. You can use "nofollow" tag to reduce spams. I do agree with Tuah Bao
    3. Delete comment with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc.
    4. Direct ban if you find any illegal activity (Posting porn related website link, etc,)
    5. Check if the name is super real



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