Is There a Different Strategy to Market Services?

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Hi All!
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about strategies for marketing a service as opposed to a product based business.
I own a personal concierge service, and we don`t have a tangible product to demonstrate or include in photos on the website.  Since the services we provide are only limited by the client`s needs (and of course the law!!) we are finding it very difficult to describe briefly what we can provide and why a prospective client would need us without a lengthy Q&A session!  lol
Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!


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    Hey there unfrazzled
    I am not sure if this is the same type of product but look at</A>
    I used this last year, not actually for myself but as a Christmas gift for my Assistant who was getting married the following year. An assistant to help my assistant - She loved it for those last minute emergencies.
    If you are already operating you will have some incredible anecdotes that you can use in your marketing. Finding a 1-hour dry cleaner at 3am so a client could attend a meeting at 6 after his flight got in late, finding hot chilli sauce in Denver at 4am, catering for the ambassadors party with just 3 hours notice after the last guy let them down.
    I would see a concierge service as a full time employee/team on-call with the benefit of only paying for them if I use them! Ideal for small and large business alike.
    Sign me up!!!!
    Best of Luck!
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    Wow - thanks for all the wonderful input!  It is greatly appreciated.  Snowflake, your`re my kinda guy - hiring an assistant for your assistant!  That`s great.
    CraigL - I really like the idea of focusing on the benefits and why the client will be better off for using us.  As far as the corporate thing goes Nat, I have been going back  and forth aboout whether to jump into that.  I have been gathering information on some local companies and may start to approach them soon.  I was very encouraged to hear of your success with that avenue.
    Thanks again everyone, for your support and have a wonderful day!
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     Shonika - you have the same sense of humor that I have! 
    I have done some ads that have the same type of one-liners that you mention - the ones you suggest are the ones I haven`t gotten around to yet!  Hope you don`t mind if I steal them? 
    Seriously tho, the hosted evening - Brilliant!  We have a cigar bar here that is the hangout of many of the people I want for clients.  I am going to contact them ASAP to see if I could host a little gathering there. 
    As far as pioneering  a market - I am sadly too well aware of that. Comments like yours really give me ideas to help people `get it`.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond -- it is truly appreciated.
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    Well, actually I do use both terms (concierge and assistant) but I have found that people were thinking about a personal assistant more in terms of being a secretary.  Not that I have a problem with that, but secretarial services are not really what we provide(although we certainly could if it were needed).  I`ve seen some people in my business use the terms errand service or even lifestyle management services.  From what I have been able to tell, no matter what they bill themselves as, they offer basically the same services.
    I agree with you about there being some ambiguity - that`s really what my challenge is.  The name of my company is Unfrazzle Yourself, and that has been a help since most people seem to "get" that we can help them feel less frantic in some way.  Folks tend to ask me how I am going to Unfrazzle them, which is great - but I feel like I end up going on too long many times.  As I mentioned in my OP, trying to get it streamlined is really my biggest hurdle.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments - you keep giving me things to think about!  I truly appreciate it.
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