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BuilderBuilder subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Startup Funding
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http://redir.sx.am/61v/</A>Builder2007-11-7 0:32:31


  • phil07phil07 subscriber Posts: 2
    is this a scam? how does this work ?
  • angolaangola subscriber Posts: 2
    It works when people click the link and buy into the scam. Same person will sell you a rolex, a breitling, and v!agr4 CHEEP
  • BuilderBuilder subscriber Posts: 1
    Its not a scam it has worked for me and my building projects check out the link and read about it.
  • phil07phil07 subscriber Posts: 2
    I have read about it , thats why i ask if it was a scam. Of coarse its hard to know whos trying to sell and whos just giving good advice. Thats why i gave it a shot to see what your reply might be. The site tells you nothing about how it works, in all its just telling you it can be done with no proof. Any one can make a web page, and put false info to try and sell you a wonderful deal, but only a sucker will fall so many times before they start to see what it is that really makes the money. Now if it works then great, who knows I may spend five bucks just to see, but if its a joke I can bet you wont have any luck on this site anymore. The problem is some people are really in a pinch, they will spend there last dollar to try and get ahead. Yes thats there choice, but if you have never been there you wont understand; these people are so far from having a clear thought in there head, that if they think there is hope they will jump. As for us who are in a "right-frame" of mind so to speak, we need to look out for those who are not. I cant make up there minds for them, but on this web site all i have seen is people who want to help and thats the way it needs to stay. Do you catch the drift. Dont blow smoke where its not wanted! Again if this works, ill be the first to give my full opinion! Thanks,
  • BuilderBuilder subscriber Posts: 1
     I get your point and a good point at that, this it not a fall in you lap do nothing system it will require effort and time, you put in the effort and time and it  will work for you,in short I have put in alot of time and effort and it has worked for me and my projects .Nothing is easy and I am not here to take advantage of any one.
  • phil07phil07 subscriber Posts: 2
    Builder thanks for the reply, thats good to know and we thank you for your honest thoughts. Ill try it out and get back with you! Thanks again, 
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