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Please critique my site

lolostxlolostx subscriber Posts: 6
edited May 2008 in Website Critique
I`ve made some changes to the content of my website (www.thatperfectsomethingnyc.com) and I would love for ya`ll to talk a look and tell me if the content is effective and compelling.
I`m specifically interested in finding out whether:
1. I have too much content on each page
2. The home page effective?  Is there too much content?
3. You can tell what my business is about when you go to the homepage.
Lois Jeffers
That Perfect Something




  • EwergreenEwergreen subscriber Posts: 2
    To me, it doesn`t look bad at all. The only thing I don`t get, is why there is so much space between the top and the page itself. I have and old 1240 * 800 monitor and it can display all of your home pages content, but for some reason I need to scroll down.
    I didn`t look much further since I`m not in your target audiance.
  • lolostxlolostx subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks for the critiques. 

    Craig, good points about the questions being on both the home page and the service pages. I completely missed that.  That`s why it`s good to have a fresh pair of eyes.

  • infiltainfilta subscriber Posts: 8
    Hello Lois,
    I like the site overall, it`s the cutest site under "web critique" I`ve seen so far. I also don`t thing you have too much content... but at the other hand because it`s mostly text some of your visitors might not be encouraged to read all of it. You use bullet points on some pages which makes text more scannable, which is a good thing, on other pages such as "About us" you have all text.
    So my first question is - your site is about gifts, and usually we associate gifts with something nicely wrapped and fun and desirable. Gifts make us happy. Your site kind of conveys that through the overall look, pink palette and a very cool logo. But you could do a lot better if you used a little more appealing visual elements. Even though it sounds trivial, but if you used an image of a nicely wrapped gift, it would attract more attention. For example on the home page. If I look at your site for just 1 second, I am not sure what your site is about. I see that it`s pink so I assume it`s something for the ladies. If I saw a picture of something giftwrapped, I would immediately make a connection to gifts. And you could continue the theme on other pages, for example if you took different images of the same giftwrapped something and unwrapped it over several images on different pages. That would not only make pages more interesting but also give visitors incentive to keep clicking on other pages because they are curious what`s under that wrapping paper.
  • lolostxlolostx subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks for the insightful comments infilta,
    I`ve gone back and forth about putting images on the website. When I initially went live I had images on the site, but did not feel like it meshed well with the site.  But, I am rethinking adding some images to the site.
    I`m actually going to rework the home page also. I initially just had the logo on the homepage but was advised that it really didn`t tell people what the site is about.  So, in an attempt to make it clearer I added the bullet and question format.  I`m now realizing that it`s still not clear so I`m going to rework that too.  I`ll probably go with a couple of strong, compelling statements that really tell visitors what the site is about when they visit.
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