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LindaMLindaM subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello all.I joined startup nation a bit ago but haven`t done much with the membership yet. Have to do something about that.My business is doing information research (think freelance librarian who hasn`t the time constraints of a public librarian at an institution). I`ve done research for books, public records and financial filings searches, patent and trademark searches, computer security news monitoring and executive updates, along with many other types of research over the years and am now trying to do such work as an independent. Potential clients always seem so surprised that independent researchers exist. So the  biggest problem in setting up this business is turning out to be: how do you draw attention when no one is looking? There has to be a way. Someday I`ll find it Good to meet you all.


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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi Linda, and welcome to the board.That sounds like an exciting and ever-changing career. I can`t imagine that you ever get bored doing something like that. How did you get into it?
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    what art units do you search at pto?
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    LindaMLindaM subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Christina. I got into this via having a Masters of Library and Information Science degree and wanting to be able to work remotely so as to go back to living rurally, preferably in a forest. Libraries aren`t very telecommuting friendly yet. And true, boredom is not a problem. One recent job involved finding out in there were bodies buried under a lawn as a result of a disease outbreak in the late 1800`s. (There weren`t. The outbreak didn`t happen.) I love the questions that come out of left field, they`re so much fun to work on.Hello James. Thus far I`ve worked primarily in 709, 359 andd 372, doing searches for engineers and scientists. But I`m adaptable. The entire point to doing this work is to continue learning all the time. 
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