I hate accounting, What should I do?

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Hi, this is Lloyd, and if you already know about my previously posted question, I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your input and suggestions. anyway, my point is that I love business, and I really want to pursue opening a restaurant eventually, but I forgot to mention I hate accounting, and most of your suggestions said that I should major in it. What should I do? I honestly don`t like it as much as I hoped, and it just doesn`t "click" with me and I dont fully comprehend it. Even though I could save tons of money being my own accountant, I`d rather spend it and not have to worry about it myself! Thanks for your time, I`m anxious to hear your replies!


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    If you don`t like accounting, then don`t plan a career in it.
    However, as a business person (entrepreneur) - it would be vary helpful to have a basic understanding of the financial reports that are generated for a business. robertj2007-11-20 10:50:5
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    Maybe you can hire virtual assistant who can do your book keeping.  For the rest of the accounting matters-use an accountant. 
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    If you do the accounting yourself, it will actually cost you money. Think about it. It will take you 3-4 times longer to do it and that is time that you could be making more money or enjoying free time.
    Outsource it.
    I am terrible at accounting, but my bookkeeper is fantastic at it. Although I am very good at reading reports to see how we are doing and that keeps everything on the straight and narrow.
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