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lizdehartlizdehart subscriber Posts: 1
My husband I i just purchased 3 vending machines. We plan on stocking them with natural and organic snacks.
I would love your feedback on my website:
The website purpose would be to get more business once we have some income to invest in more machines.


  • TomnitetripTomnitetrip subscriber Posts: 3
    First, I wish you success on your new venture.  I would suggest you have a picture of the actual vending machine on the front of the page.  Does it have a protective screen so it can`t be broken into or vandalized?  And I would want to see some type of profit expectation for the school/PTA.  I assume the school will have to displace an existing vending machine to put yours in, so there should be a compelling reason to do this.  Good luck. 
  • PrimoSitesPrimoSites subscriber Posts: 0
    The Idea is great!
    If I can help you with your website just let me know.
  • grrldudagrrlduda subscriber Posts: 4
    Why not make the website have the look & feel of a going green or organic visual? Show the snacks! Add some content about the health benefits of those snacks. Make sure there`s a call-to-action for visitors. You got people to your site, now what should they do?!
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