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Looking To Start a small mastermind group with 2 or more

WeLivLoudWeLivLoud subscriber Posts: 1

Hi there


I am looking to start a small Mastermind Group. I need a partner to help with the launch of the group.   This group will share ideas and plans to help each other move forward in their business. We will plan meet on conference call once a week.  We all need an accountability team that will help us stay on top.  Looking to take the model that Napoleon Hill talks about in his book.  If you are interested please contact me and let`s get started.  

When great minds come togather magic happens! 

WeLivLoud12/15/2007 2:02 PM


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    LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    I`ve found that I can get a lot of support and ideas from a forum like this.  I think it`s beneficial to have the minds of more than just a couple of people.  I can put any ideas past people here and get honest feedback, which sometimes is much different than the ideas of those around me.  Good luck!
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    divalishdivalish subscriber Posts: 0
    Definitely interested in creating a Mastermind group - would love to hear more about your vision
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    WeLivLoudWeLivLoud subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi there
    divalish I would love to speak to you in more detail email me @ livloudmarketing@gmail.com  So that we can move forward 
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    WeLivLoudWeLivLoud subscriber Posts: 1
    I know this fourm is great I love this place, but I a couple of us can come togather in addition to this fourm as well, I know on a personal note it will help a few people who are interested...
    WeLivLoud12/16/2007 11:27 AM
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    WeLivLoudWeLivLoud subscriber Posts: 1

    This Mastermind Group will: Combine knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose...  
    The Mastermind Group Vision: To Create A Team of like-minds to accomplish their business and life goals by all means necessary.

    Mission of Masterminds: Hold team accountable for following up and taking action on task list. To assist with  strategic planning, brainstorming, formulating ideas and plans.
    To provide encouragement when a team member lacks enthusiasm.
    To assure each team member obtain their wealth building goals by planning and taking action . 
    In order to be apart of this group you must be committed to the success of all members of the circle...And you must plan to attend weekly conference calls only serious leaders are asked to join.. 
    As the year comes to an end we must plan on how we intend to strategically enter 2008...
    As a man thinkth so is he......
    WeLivLoud12/16/2007 10:54 PM
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    spungeyspungey subscriber Posts: 2
    Did you get your group, or did it fizzle at the outset?  (It`s been over a month since the last post.)  Please post and update and let a few of us newbies know how it`s going for you.
    I might be interested in joining or forming a Mastermind group -- if I can find people who are both committed and have the right values.
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