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Looking for new ways to increase sales

LMorgenLMorgen subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Sales
Hi Everyone,
I have a small home design and remodeling company. My business has been steady for a while, but I`m really looking for more growth. I`ve tried advertising in newspapers, sending out mailings, "warm" calling possible clients, Google, but nothing is really working. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?


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    SkipAndersonSkipAnderson subscriber Posts: 1
    A couple suggestions for you:
    One of the most effective methods for finding home improvement prospects is door-to-door canvassing. Few people like to do it, but if it`s done properly, it can yield far better results than direct mail or cold calling. Pick your neighborhoods strategically. For instance, if you can drive through neighborhoods and find homes having work done, go to the neighbors of that home and the homes across the street. "Herd mentality" sometimes causes consumers to want to keep up with their neighbors, so if Bob down the street is doing this or that to their home, there`s probably someone else on that street that will have an interest in doing some kind of project, too. When all your neighbors are having work done, you want work done, too.
    Do you have your truck / vehicles wrapped with your company name? (not just a sign on your back window or on your truck doors, but your whole vehicle wrapped. If possible, park your vehicle at times in parking lots at busy intersections or other highly visible locations.
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    LMorgenLMorgen subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m not so concerned with  online advertising because I`m based in a relatively small market. I would be interested in finding a way to drum up more referrals. I`ve asked my current clients for referrals, but I generally have little response. How can I get more from them?
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    Andrew86Andrew86 subscriber Posts: 0

    Have you asked your existing and past client base for referrals? So many people skip this step when looking for new business, and it`s a free and easy way to drum up new clients predisposed to love you.

    I couldn`t agree more. It sounds like you have a bunch of satisfied customers. Being in consistent communication with all of your present and previous customers is good for two things:
    1. You make them aware of new offers/services/promotions that they otherwise would not be aware of. They have chosen you in the past, they will most likely choose you in the future.
    2. You remind them of the good experience they have and motivate them to tell their friends. Maybe there`s even some incentive or reward for them if they make a certain number of referrals. Referrals are great because it`s as if the sale is already done for you.
    Using a CRM makes tracking and communicating with customers a breeze. A good free one is Chili Sales. Google it.
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    TimBTimB subscriber Posts: 4
    Increasing sales means to increase revenue. To increase sales we need more customers, for more customers we need more visitors and for more visitors we need good traffic on our website. But more traffic does not means that our sales are increasing. Make sure that your visitors are from your targeted and focused audience for this you must improve your conversion rate. Live support for your website increase your clientele up to 50%. Through this you can provide better products or services details to your visitors.
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    Clearcandy1Clearcandy1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Focus in this ways
    1. Set up a sales incentive program. 2. Encourage your sales staff. 3. Give your customers the inside scoop. 4. Set up a customer rewards program. 5. Distribute free samples to customers
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    kimberlymitchellkimberlymitchell subscriber Posts: 0
    Every business has a sales and marketing plan because every business owner knows that without sales they have no business. But if you know that sales are important, why is it that you still feel deep down in your soul that you are wasting money every time ...
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    janie_billjanie_bill subscriber Posts: 0
    Growth in business is itself a steady process and should start with a little attention to finding new techniques to attract or say bind up customers to you that they cannot think of anyone else when it comes the chance of suggesting someone about home. The promotion of any business is not possible just by only one way of advertisement many more sources have come up that can promote your business.
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    Infoway-LLCInfoway-LLC subscriber Posts: 0
    You can make an online presence for your home design & remodeling company. Building up a proper website especially featuring your business area can reach to huge mass or customers. Optmize that website so that visitors can find your business quickly and finally turn to your genuine customers.
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    venusbrownvenusbrown subscriber Posts: 0
    You can make the use of social media for approaching your targeted customers. Get an idea about your competitor and try to follow their approach if possible. Be active in social groups and forums.
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    lea_kaylea_kay subscriber Posts: 1
    Great question! I would suggest video marketing!

    Yes, I know there is a lot of factors that influence positive online presence but it is not always the marketers’ fault their websites are prone to having less and less views.

    Watch out for the right information and don’t be pushy. Try alternative approaches.
    Other than having quality content, you have to be sure you don’t bore people.

    One of many ways to do that is using video marketing: https://valoso.com/blog/increase-sales-online-presence-using/#more-1048. It has shown staggering results in past few years. It’s completely up to you whether you want to enrich your business’ online presence with video, but I would highly recommend it!
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    harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    LMorgen wrote:
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a small home design and remodeling company. My business has been steady for a while, but I`m really looking for more growth. I`ve tried advertising in newspapers, sending out mailings, "warm" calling possible clients, Google, but nothing is really working. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?

    Hi LMorgen,
    I understand your needs, there are plenty of techniques available in online. First you create official sites for your company make it very attractive. Generate promo videos that tells of your company product, share it in social media, create campaigns for your product inside this mention some discount for product, etc. then launch this campaigns. If your product reaches to many audiences it assists to increase sales. For campaigns generations choose any marketing tool. My suggestion is software that suitable for small business is adapt to your necessity. Try Apptivo marketing tool, it easy to handle.
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    Patrick@VRTXPatrick@VRTX subscriber Posts: 2
    Social media is really being big these days.. Working with the various websites; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while sounding childish can actually yield some large outcomes. Typically it is also considerably very cheap advertising and also if done right sometimes even free.
    Looking to increase social media presence, sales, or leads?
    Go ahead and send me a message at <!-- e -->Patrick@VRTXagency.com<!-- e --> or visit my site.
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    Jeff MarlonJeff Marlon subscriber Posts: 71 Bronze Level Member
    Hey !

    You can place banners on eye catching places, spread brochures to maximum target market. One more thing you can do, is to hire professional person for search engine optimization who can increase ratings for your business website to get maximum visitors on the site.
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    Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    Making your product a brand value should be the best strategy. Once you got enough branding so the sales is also increase.
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