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Selling your contact list - how to determine a price?

lisavetalisaveta subscriber Posts: 8
edited February 2008 in Marketing
I`ve been selling a collectible item online for almost a year, but now the manufacturer started selling it themself online, and I can`t compete with their shipping rates, because of scale and because I`m in Canada, where shipping is more expensive. They only ship to the States, but that`s where 50% of my customers are. I think once I`m done selling my remaining stock, I will get out of that product.
I know a man who also sells them, and will continue because he has a larger collection than me, and already has his own website where he sells other items (I just use eBay and then direct marketing to existing customers), so he is already paying for checkout and hosting, etc.
I am thinking of offering to sell him my customer list, about 175 people, 50% of them in the States.
I don`t know how to determine an asking price...any suggestions? The items go for between $15 and $60 each, he has about 400 in stock, and he will likely buy next year`s model, as well, which of course none of these people have yet, and they will want it.
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