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Business Name Issues

dw123dw123 subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Business Planning
A couple of basic questions:
I want to use the word "Publishing" in my business name.  The majority of my business will be building information based websites and monetizing through ads and affiliates.  So "Publishing" would fit, BUT I also am involved in a network marketing program which I would also like to operate under this business name.  You can tell i`m new to this, but is there an issue with using a word like "Publishing" in my business name if the scope of the business would go beyond that in some ways?
Also, I wanted to use the word "Group" at the end of my name, but in all reality the business is a sole proprietorship involving only myself, and no employees at all. Would it be wrong in any way to use the word Group in my business name?


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    KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    You might get some more targeted feedback if you shared a couple of variations of the complete names you were thinking of. I know it is difficult for me to see how Publishing and Group fit into the name unless I can get the whole thing in my mind at once and compare it against what your business does.
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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    If you`re worried about legal issues, you can stop worrying. Either way, you`re probably going to have to get a DBA. But other than that, there shouldn`t be a problem with either name, regardless of size or industry.
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    dw123dw123 subscriber Posts: 1
    I appreciate the feedback.  I`ve ruled out the "group" part... I don`t think I want to use it.  My current choice is "Niche Publishing".  My main concern was that not all of the business activities fit the scope of "publishing", but the primary purpose does. 
    One of the monetization models on one of my websites will be linking traffic to the network marketing business i`m involved in.  I wanted to make sure that it was ok to operate my network marketing propram under my Niche Publishing name even though it really has nothing to do with publishing. 
    As for branding, in all reality i`m not even trying to brand the name "Niche Publishing" as my websites all have seperate "brands".  This is really just a seperate DBA name to work under and seperate business from my personal name.
    I didn`t think it was a problem legally since this is really just a sole proprietorship, but do you know if there may be a problem if I ever form to an LLC?
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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    Won`t be a problem. But you should probably then change your name to Niche Publishing, LLC.
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