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Help! How to add "content"??

colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
I would love some help regarding how to add "content" to my site!  I keep reading how important it is to have content that is relevant, updated often, informative etc....but I struggle to see how I would apply this to my site (I sell bright baby clothing).
Here are some of my questions:
1.  Where would I add the content?  To my home-page or a separate page on my site?
2.  Could I add something along the lines of current baby fashion trends, celeb baby wear, general baby clothing info? 
3. If I have this on my homepage, won`t it take away from my main point of selling my product?  Won`t people bounce right out if they don`t see the clothes for sale?
4.  Do you have examples of sites that have good content and sell clothing/accessories?
Any input/explanations you could provide would be great!!



  • dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Content is more likely to keep visitors on your website rather than bounce them right out. Plus your content will pre-sell your visitors so they will be more likely to make a purchase.

    Click here for a ton of free ideas on how and why to build content into your site. Warning- it`s overwhelming at first. Don`t let that discourage you. Just take your time to learn.
    It is a lot more work to write good content, but in the long run it will make your website more profitable.
    Best Regards,
    Scott & Laurie
  • dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Here you go. Here are some examples of websites retailing hard goods that are content based. Check out the motorcycle hard goods.
    It should give you an idea of what is being done by others who are writing content based sites.
    We recommend that you do take time to understand why some of us have chosen content over "putting up a store".
    It`s not for everyone but if you like to be creative (and you certainly do based on your website) it`s a great approach.
    Bottom line... what results are you getting?


    dsprindle3/27/2008 11:20 AM
  • colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank-you!  I will definitely take the time to read the article as well as look at the example sites.  I am getting a small consistent amount of traffic currently...but I want to increase that...so I am more than willing to read, learn, soak up as much info/advice as I can get!!
    Thank-you so much for responding!

  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    I dunno....asking how to add "content" is like asking how to market, isn`t it? Or maybe, "How can I be interesting?" 
    What I`ve seen happening over the past long time is a growing belief that if we take a complex concept and reduce it down to a word or two, "somehow" that instantly simplifies the concept itself. Just by calling "the art of writing" content, it makes it appear as if a) "content" is a thing, and b) you can go get that thing at the local store.
    We could ask, "How do I get charisma?" or "How can I get rich?" The answer, of course, would be "just get some charisma into your life," or "get some money into your life."
    There`s no such thing as "content." It`s an adjective for ALL the material that goes into conversation, blogs, posts, videos, music, art, graphics, and every other form of communication. You can buy a shirt, but the "content" is the person wearing that shirt. By calling a person "content" does that make it easier to understand people, a person, or how to "get" a person?
    The bottom line is that if you have something to say about your product, then say it. When you`ve said it (written it), is it interesting? If not, then you likely could take some courses in a local community college about creative writing, copywriting, debate, rhetoric, logic, language, and so forth.
    Or....you could hire a writer.

    Bingo! Nothing else need be said.
    Dale King
    DKing3/28/2008 7:55 AM
  • colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks Craig -- yes, that makes sense.  I think I was so focused on all the info "out there" that tells you to add articles, how-to`s, anything and everything about your subject...that it confused the heck out of me.  I was trying to figure how to apply that to my "simple" baby boutique! 
    What you are saying makes complete sense....just by having a well-written opening page telling customers what and why they should buy from me (and yes, I am probably going to need a writer ....that IS actually my content. 
    I am really not into the game of providing info about a subject and then inserting my products for sale....I just want to be straight forward in terms of selling my product....and I think I just need some plain old "good writing" to do that!
    Thanks for setting me straight!!
  • colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
    Great points CampSteve.  That is exactly what happened...I have been reading and reading and reading...and totally lost the point!  Your answers on putting it in context with my business together with Craigs comments, make so much more sense than the path I was headed down!
    I really appreciate the input I get on this site -- the answers are always so informative and constructive!  Thanks everyone!!

  • GreetingCardGoldmineGreetingCardGoldmine subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Linda,
    Creating a  blog is a way to keep content fresh and write about the current happenings in your business.   Blogging also helps build relationships around you as well as your product.
    This is just one example of a children`s clothing blog.
    There are different blog platforms that you can use.  Some are free and some you pay for.
  • CowboyJackCowboyJack subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m putting together a website to sell my PANIOLA brand 100% Kona Cowboy Coffee and MISS KITTY`S Chocolate-covered 100% Kona Cowboy Coffee Beans.  In addition to the sales and order pages my "content" will include the "Kona Coffee Story," "Cowboys and Coffee," info on the Paniola in Hawaii, how to brew the perfect cup, the difference in high-altitude roasting and as much more of interesting and apropos "content" as I can slip in.  I`ll also send a monthly newsletter to customers via email about past and present in Kona and past and present in Lincoln County, NM (our home office).
  • colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you so much! 
    CowboyJack -- I love the way you are going to include the coffee story!  Thats exactly what I have been trying to understand and you shown me exactly how I could apply it!
    snpkukuk -- those are great ideas and examples!  As soon as I started reading your ideas, my mind started going crazy...I have 4 kids and I have PLENTY of things to share that I could apply to baby clothing.  Thank-you so much for sharing! 
    Thanks so much everyone -- I now have a list of exciting things that I am planning to add/change about my website!

  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    I have an idea, send a sample of your stuff with an article about how color stimulates the brain to the show producers for Oprah, Today, Rachel Ray, etc.  These are the shows that moms and grandmas watch too.  Also, how about thinking of licensing your designs to Home Shopping or QVC?
    Don`t forget your local paper to do an article and a local TV station to do a story....
    Just some thoughts to explode your sales.
  • colorcolor subscriber Posts: 3
    Ooh...I like the idea of sending to Oprah etc.....wonder if that would work....worth a try I am sure! Thanks for that idea!! 
    I have talked to QVC, but they are not accepting childrens clothing at this time.
    Great ideas to get my mind working....wonder if celebs accept "gift" items too!!
  • debbie36debbie36 subscriber Posts: 1
    I would be more inclined to proceed by looking at my business plan.  Your marketing plan should include who you target as a prospective buyer and what makes you or your site better than everyone elses.  Your "content" should only include relevant words so that the visitors to your sight linger and purchase, (maybe even recommend you to someone else).  Include links to articles which describe your product as better.  For example, if you include cotton clothing as a sales item, include an article about the benefits of wearing cotton.  Links to other sites can really get you noticed. 
  • rustymufflerrustymuffler subscriber Posts: 1

    I think this is a perfect opportunity for video, find moms who will be willing to model their cute little babies in the clothes. Do an explanation of each article of clothing such as, why it looks good on them, why the color is important, how well they are made, what they`re made of.  "see how it brings out her eyes", you get the idea...basically make your own shopping network on your web site, people will get a dose of beautiful children in the beautiful clothes...with your product you want to capture their hearts, cute babies do that...especially when their dressed all Cutesieeee, you won`t have to write anything about the clothes...seeing is believing. If you need any advice on how to do a wonderfully video I can help. 
    Maybe you can even give the child the clothes they model as payment for doing the video spot? 

    This is inexpensive to do and will pay for it self quickly once you get it down, I`m not talking rocket science here, just simple to the point shooting and voice over, frankly you`ll probably love doing it, once you find your format. Video for your own product can be contagious because when you produce it yourself there are no boundaries

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