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Top ways to develop an entrepreneurial mind

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
edited January 2012 in Thought Leadership
There's something different about the way entrepreneurs and businessmen think compared to how average people think. Somehow, those who possess an entrepreneurial mindset see things in a broader perspective, they often see things two or three steps ahead of time. Thus, entrepreneurs are more likely inclined into thinking for longer terms.

TOLERANCE: What does a moral virtue have to do with entrepreneurship? Everything. Intolerance and inflexibility are deadly poisons when it comes to detecting opportunities and taking initiative. Unless you push yourself to tolerate uncertainty and risk beyond normal levels, your mind will never operate on a high entrepreneurial gear.
INDEPENDENT THINKING: Start questioning things that seem self-evident. Why should you follow traditions that make no sense? Can things be improved? Why do we have to wait in line to purchase certain products or services? Is there a better way? When everything is expensive, try cheap. When everything is cheap, try borrowing. The best opportunities lie always below the surface.
CONSISTENT AMBITION: There is moral ambition and there is the search of wealth. In addition, many others are embarked in a quest for honours or simply desire to make the world a better place. Pick your choice and keep it present in your mind. What really counts here is consistency. Random changes in your goals will block your entrepreneurial vision. Confusion generates chaos. Consistency of purpose sharpens the mind......read more http://news.bytrade.com/info/928-Top-wa ... l-mind.htm


  • fdrixfdrix subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for sharing this post, its really helpful!
  • jpbelljpbell subscriber Posts: 0
    I think we should add Faith to the list too.
    We've mentioned that the life of an entrepreneur is fraught with risk and danger, so a certain element of faith and belief is required to keep going when all of the chips are against you. Having a strong belief in your product or service, and keeping on pushing till the very end.
  • thedreamerthedreamer subscriber Posts: 0
    I also believe that faith is necessary for entrepreneurs. It also means facing every circumstance optimistically. They should not feel down in the dumps when something untoward happened. Instead of dwelling on troubles, they should be capable to immediately find a solution to it. Decision-making skill is also of great significance. Business-owners have to recognize the differences and boundaries of sentimental matters and professional verdicts.
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