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Home business: Credit problems

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
edited October 2011 in Home-Based Businesses
Starting a home business is growing in popularity with individuals who seek their independence from traditional employment. Sometimes they result from hobbies that develop into small home businesses unintentionally. Regardless of how they spring up, if growth requires any significant investment that might involve utilizing credit sources; it is time to review the potential business plan that would justify capitalization.
Is the risk of using credit sources worth the potential gain? This question must be answered, and preferably with the help of a good accountant and/or reliable banker. It is sometimes difficult to be objective with one's own "baby" business. Objective analysis is needed for good decision making.
One particular problem that exists with using credit to help fund a home business is the cost to the small business, and the potential impact on personal credit. A home business owner risks his own personal credit standing by seeking credit for his business usage. For that reason, credit needs may signal the need for incorporation of the business to limit personal liability.
Additionally, as credit issues arise with a home business, it may signal that it is time to evaluate the health of said business. Careful consideration must be given to the need for ongoing income for one's family. A home business that makes a small profit with a potential for growth can be worth continuing, but a home business that is a drain on personal resources may not be worth continuing.
There is little room for emotion, or passion when it comes to solving credit issues. Most individuals have limited resources with which to work. Often, a home business represents an individual's dream for an successful future. This is one area where impartial, professional advice is needed. Credit issues are not to be ignored because they never go away by happenstance. Good decision making is needed to protect the financial futures of our smallest entrepreneurs.
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