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What Makes a Great Startup CEO?

AdvisorGarageAdvisorGarage subscriber Posts: 10
edited January 2007 in Grab Bag
I`m not sure what is protocol but I`ve been knocking this subject around in my head for a while and would really appreciate people`s insights and contributions...
I have some thoughts of my own...should I post them all here or just let people click through and see if that stimulates the discussion?
 AdvisorGarage2007-1-19 23:31:50


  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Good question. However, I`m not sure that the term CEO and Startup is easy to understand for the "normal" startup. Yes, some startups, with BIG money, defined business plans, experienced management team, full resources, etc., ... this startup might have what many would call a CEO - Chief Executive Officer.
    And true, if the startup was a company of 3 people working to bring an alternative energy company to life, one of these fine people might be designated the CEO in the biz plan or whatever.
    Is the CEO in the first example and the second example the same? They are not - IMHO. Yes, they are both "called" the CEO - but day-to-day duties and responsibilities would be very, very different. And, to the AVERAGE startup, they might not even be identifiable or even remotely related ... in the young, 1 to 2 person startup environment.
    I am not trying to pick apart your post or question. It is a super pondering subject. However, I believe you may need to ask the question in a different form for this audience. Personally, I don`t even see the need for a title such as CEO in a startup. I would suggest staying away from it. It projects a standoffishness (if that is a word, if not, I made it up and I like it). It relates to me to IBM, or Chevron, or BP, or GE, etc. Just way to BIG of a title for a startup.
    Andrew, have you read The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni? If not, I suggest you do. Written in a fable format and easily read in one sitting, I believe you will enjoy it. And ... the main character is named "Andrew." This book applies, once again, IMHO, to any business - old or new. A great read for any leader of a company ... or wannabe.
    Have a great weekend. Love your site and concept.
    R@keycon2007-1-19 23:54:57
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Good Question Advisor,I think that the word CEO applies to anyone starting a business whether it`s a small business or a business with capital. It`s not the size of the pocket that defines a CEO, it`s his ability to envision, ability to carry on tasks that others have the slightest idea, and the drive push the business to the next level. It also, means being a "Leader". That is what I think makes a great CEO.
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Experience combined with beginner`s mind.
  • hitmuphitmup subscriber Posts: 0
    hello, every one. i have a question that i would really like to ask. is there any way i can get a busness started with literaly no money. i have what i think will be a very inovative idea
    If any wants to hear my idea any give feedback i am all up for it.
  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    Interestingly today`s lead article is 10 low cost start up businesses. 
    If you have the desire and the motivation, and you believe your idea is sound enough, you will find a way to raise the money you need.  BTW, did you notice the spell checker in the toolbar when you posted?
    I think this discussion went in an interesting direction, I think the major component of CEO think is a burning desire to not have anyone else tell you what to do (my case) or passion to see  an enterprise through to completion.  True Grit if you will.  I like the analogy of the ship changing course.
    One of my favorite sayings is to set your sails so that the tides of time and the winds of fate take you where you want to go.  Author unknown.  Also easier said than done.
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