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Different Marketing Tools

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
edited November 2011 in Marketing

Newspapers carry information in a format that appeals to millions of people. Readers looking for a specific product or service may pore over the newspaper classifieds sections. Marketing campaigns can find success by placing advertising in popular sections such as sports or local news.


Hundreds of magazines publish monthly in the U.S., geared toward a target audience. Magazines have become more focused on a particular niche of readers, and a magazine can be very effective at helping you reach a targeted demographic.


Television can be very expensive as a marketing medium, depending on how many people you want to see your marketing and what time you would like it to be seen. Use the market research of independent firms to determine the best way to reach your target audience using television. If used properly, television can be an effective marketing medium.


Viral marketing on the Internet can reach millions of people at a time. Social networking websites allow companies to create profiles and reach out to people all over the world. But social networking websites can have a short lifespan, putting at risk the time spent developing a following if users find another site they prefer.
Companies must have a website that stands out as the go-to site for their markets, providing a reliable source of information for vendors, and current and future customers. The Internet makes it easier to do business and reach an audience, but it also requires time and the proper tools to do the job right.


Radio can be a complicated marketing medium to use because if people listen to the radio all day at work, then it becomes background noise and your message may not be heard. But people listening to the same station on the ride to and from from work may hear your message and listen. Examine your target market to determine whether investing in radio advertising would be beneficial for your company


  • metro2metro2 subscriber Posts: 1
    Also Groupon and sites alike can be used to get the word out quickly and efficiently. Though this method of costumer aqcuisition might not fit all business models. For example, I own a locksmith business and since people don't tend to call locksmiths very often, the groupon marketing method would not work for me. Since the Groupon sites take around 50% from the total discounted price, its purpose is costumer aqcuisition only and not direct revenue.
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