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Choose Your Viral Marketing Technique

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
edited November 2011 in Marketing


Viral marketing is an advertising strategy that entices people to pass on a marketing message to their relatives and friends. It is called as such because of its similarity to an epidemic that easily spreads out, with an exponential growth, once an individual gets "infected."There are different ways to go about viral marketing.


The first would be the "pass it along" technique. This is the most common type of viral marketing. Web sites that ask their users to tell-a-friend about their products and services is an example of pass-along messaging. However, there is a risk of the message being labeled as "spam" by email providers. Thus, it is important that the "from" and "subject" lines do not contain any word that may be tagged as spam.


The second option is done with incentives. This is a marketing technique used by companies in which users are offered rewards when they refer somebody to the company. This becomes more effective when the referred person needs to take action for the reward to be given.


The third method is the most difficult viral to spot, undercover marketing sends a viral message that is disguised as just an unusual page or piece of news without obvious link citations.


These are the three most popular techniques used with viral marketing. They each work very well, but require extensive planning. To determine the best method for your campaign is simply to test each one. Try each method for a minimum of two weeks, at the end of the six week period, you will have the results from each. The best results will give you the method to focus on for your viral marketing efforts.

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