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Across Graphics Digital Studio - Presents....

LFiatoaLFiatoa subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2008 in Website Critique

Hello to all my fellow entrepreneurs!

I am looking for an "all over" review of my site (




Our specialty is taking your memorable photos to create an emotional slideshow to be given as a gift or presented at your wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, graduations, etc. These are not the classic picture slideshow with smooth fades as the companies of yesterday offer.


All graphics and layout was created by myself and my husband. We are just starting to convert all of our videos to Flash. Currently there are 4 flash samples on the "Samples" page, the others will open in a new window, often prompting an "ActiveX" script install.


I am looking for the following critiques...

Design / Layout

Easy navigation

Do we present the main product well?

Are all your questions answered easily while viewing the site?

Did you have any problems or errors?

Did you notice any grammar or spelling errors?

Does our Web site flow?

Did you lose patience trying to find what you needed, waiting for pages to load or links to work? 

Is the order form easy to understand, fill in and send? (Please type "Test" for you name so that I know it`s not a real order. Thanks!)

And last but definitely not least, Do you like how our Website looks and works? If not, why? 


Much thanks in advance, Laura

Across Graphics Digital Studio

LFiatoa5/12/2008 2:47 PM


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    A nice idea for a product... likely inexpensive for the amount of time needed to create such a dvd.
    Watch the file sizes of some of your web site images. For example your header image is over 100k as is the little image of the coffee mug!
    Your logo doesn`t seem to "go" with the rest of your site... maybe a different color would help.
    Also  - on the header, I think less green and more images/photos would be better. Since you are "communicating" with images/music, I thin your web site should use images more effectively.
    The flash presentations are a problem. Viewing with DSL the first two stopped playing part way through. Instead of a large / long presentation, why not use shorter - "teaser" presentations?
    Ads - I`m not a big fan of having ads all over a web site.   Plus, you know since Google ads are content relevant... you may get people clicking away, if not just to check out what other site`s offer.  For example: the first ad I saw was for Smilebox(dot)com - which presents itself a little less home made and more "professionally".
    Text / font - You use a bunch of different size, color, and styles of font. Stick with a consistent color scheme and font style ( presents a more "professional" image.
    Music selections - clicking on the "music selection menu item, brings up a page that says "These lists are only suggestions ...." But there is no list on that page. The viewer then needs to click another menu link.  Also, the lists are lists.... without sample clips... so unless I know the song, I have no idea what it sounds like.
    In general, you seem to want to let the customer determine how the DVD presentation will look... by selecting the background, music, etc. What if someone selects a some combination that just is awful (un-artistic)? Will you produce that DVD, or direct them toward a better outcome?
    The order, upload, etc process... may be a problem.... well, let`s just say there is room for issues, people having problem uploading or emailing or labeling the images properly.  People do not necessarily read directions .  Thats` why the other sites (your competition) make it a little more online / driven... and provide some immediate feedback to the customer on how the finished product may appear.
    "About us and our CEO" - I`m not sure that is appropriate or relevant for "selling" your DVD`s.
    vwebworld5/12/2008 3:40 PM
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    LFiatoaLFiatoa subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello to all - I`ve updated the site, and would like to get another review - and hopefully this time more than one persons view -

    Across Graphics Digital Studio

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    infiltainfilta subscriber Posts: 8
    Hi Laura,
    IMO it`s an okay site, nothing really outstanding. It actually looks obsolete already. You`re in the imaging industry, so visual presentation must be very important to you, but it suffers on your site. Dark gamma, hard to read fonts, nothing that really attracts my attention. Your logo looks like it belongs to fantasy books about Hobbits or something like that.
    Other that that it`s a pretty good site.
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