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How do I market to a niche market (Jewish singles)?

chaiexpectationschaiexpectations subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2007 in Marketing
In the fall I started up a business working as a Jewish matchmaker in the Carolinas-- it`s called Chai Expectations (Chai means life in Hebrew).  My question is with advertising/ marketing.  I`d like to take out ads in magazines/ newspapers that are not solely Jewish publications.  How do I spin the ads to entice people to tell their Jewish friends about my service? 


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    Well is your service different than jdate.com?
    Getting people to talk about your product can be tricky unless it`s really interesting, cool, unusual or what have you. If you want Gentiles to tell their Jewish friends about your service, you might have to entice the Gentiles. You might be able to do this with clever copywriting.
    "Introduce your Jewish friends to their future husband or wife."
    Something along those lines. Personally, if my friends recommended a dating service, I wouldn`t know what to think. I suppose it`s a favor if you`re interested in getting married.
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    p.s. I saw an interesting play last weekend called "Modern Orthodox". About Jewish singles getting married. One couple is secular, the other Orthodox. Funny story about how the differences between secular and Orthodox aren`t so great. [Well don`t ask the Orthodox Jews about that!]
  • chaiexpectationschaiexpectations subscriber Posts: 3
    My service is different from J-date beacuse it is all completely personalized.  While I do have a web-site, its main purpose is informational, and a way for future clients to fill out my application.  I have an ad that focuses on "Who do you know that`s Jewish and Single".  It goes on to list many different scenarios ie: "Your next-door neighbor; Your sister", etc. until the last sentance reads:  "what about you?" .  I was thinking about taking different sentences from that ad and along with a photo and some kind of header doing a 3-part ad sceme.  Does that sound good?  I`m GREAT at making matches  but this whole ad campaign deal is challenging!
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    That sounds good. Best advice: focus on what you offer, not what you do. You`re a matchmaker ... that`s what you do ... what do you offer? Any marketing communications must reflect your offer. Even something simple that focuses on spending Friday night out having fun with a date instead of something else or having the empty pillow next to your head no longer empty. [ Hold on while I recoil from what I just typed. I love the empty pillow. ] Those are more what you offer than the specific ins/outs of your trade.
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