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Has anyone heard of Shop To Earn?

adamladaml subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2008 in Selecting a Business
I am thoroughly confused!  I signed up for this MLM co and now think it is "potentially" not a legitimate business.  Has anyone been approached?  It sounds good but after discussing it with dozens of people, including a few attorneys, they say stay away.  I have done nothing with it.  I want to find a home based, online type business.  My wife is at home with our two kids and I want to build a serious business.  Please point me in the right direction. 


  • adamladaml subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your time.  I have thoroughly looked at this but have personal friends who have aquaitances that are making real good money, like insane money.  I just was throwing it out to the community to see if anyone had some real, personal experience with this company.  I thank you very much. 
  • adamladaml subscriber Posts: 1
    I will pass the info along to my wife.   It looks very interesting.  I will be in touch.  Thanks Juanita. 
  • adamladaml subscriber Posts: 1
    without a doubt.  I will pass it along. 
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    ive heard about the child security program and can vouch that it is legitimate.  another opportunity to work from home that is very popular among stay at home moms are paid online surveys.  i did this initially and was making $300 per month.  when i began to refer others is when the checks started multiplying. i am currently up to $1,500 per month and i do less surveys than i did initially.
    in addition to surveys there are also panel groups, survey groups and focus groups online, over the phone and even in person in your community. once i was paid $150 for a half hour discussion because they needed frequent travellers.  just something to consider which can build significantly over time.
    just be careful not to sign up with a site that doesnt honor promises.  take a look at www.easyextramoneyonline.com.  only the top paying and well screened sites are mentioned here.  there is also a section dedicated to tips and growing your earnings.  take advantage of the special sections that contain video links to show how to put what you learn into application.
    good luck and do let us know your experience.
  • secmillionsecmillion subscriber Posts: 0
    I also am in Shop To Earn and know of several people who are doing very well with it.  As for me I invested $ 450. and turned it into $ 4,100. in 30 days just as promised in their program.   I have encountered several negative comments about the program also. My feeling about that it is always easier to find people to give you the negative rather than the positive.  These same people usually are the ones that work for other people and are afraid to take chances on anything.  To own and run your own business is not for everyone.  Shop to Earn is still a business and takes effort and discipline.  You get out of it what you put into it.  I think that the plan is ingenious.  The developer basically combined mlm with affiliate and reward programs and put them onto one website.  Will it die off?  I do not think so because shopping on the internet is only going to increase and you are not selling a product.  You are selling a service.
    As for me I love Shop To Earn and believe it works!! 
  • LoveLove subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello Every Body

    Please Kyomanjt I cam across you reply to this topic and the site you posted are people that do not live in the USA eligible for the program?
  • dciriglianodcirigliano subscriber Posts: 0
    I also wanted to say that I joined shop to earn about 4 weeks ago.  I did not hit all the bonuses available in the first 30 days but I did make almost 2700.00.   I believe that is a good return on a 448.00 start up cost for a business.  I do however already have over 70 in my downline.  I really don`t understand a lot of people. 
    People will sit around and cry about not having money, not being able to pay their bills yet when you try to show them a way all of a sudden they have all the answers.  If they had an answer to their financial difficulties then they wouldn`t have any problems would they?  It is so easy for people to sit around and speak badly about a program, or find the negatives, because that gives them the excuse to be poor.  I would recommend to anyone and everyone to look at this and give it a shot.  I would say to learn the business, understand the business and work with people who want to work and encourge and uplift and help people.  I would gladly help someone who really wants to change their live and really wants to improve their life style.  I would even help them with the start up.  That`s how much I believe in this.  It is real, it is a business it is not a get rich quick sceme.  If you would like to join a winning team feel free to contact me, I will HELP YOU!!
    Have a great Day and Much success to everyone out there!!
    dcirigliano10/19/2008 5:43 PM
  • LoveLove subscriber Posts: 2
    Dear KYwomanjt,
    Thank you for your information I am still working on how to benefit from Child Shield I will keep you posted with any ideas I might come up with. In the meantime hope it is withing the laws of Start up Nation to discuss this as we are on this forum if not kindly let me know, Because we would really love to be involved in the selling of Child Shield.
  • traquitatraquita subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello, Shop to Earn is a really great oportunity, you have to work on it, read a lot in "my  office" and go to the meeting. Really works!!!!!!!  you can talk to schools, churchs, and nonprofit associations,

    www.shoptoearn.net/traquita   is really amazing!!!!!  is good. and you really received cash back when you shop online, and you can help to fundraising money for any group.
    good luck
  • secmillionsecmillion subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with your post.  I am having great success with Shop to Earn and am finally excited to be in a multi level company that works.  I am not selling or stocking any product.  I am selling an internet based business with unbelievable potential now and in the future as more and more people shop online.  The next generation of buyers (my children) always go to the internet first when they are going to buy something.  I think that this is one of those opportunities that in five years I will look back and be thankful I got into it.
    If you want to know more please visit my website

    I will coach you and work with you to help make your business venture successful.  Your success is my success.  Check out the website and if you have any questions just email me at [email protected]
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    just an update,
    i had made  a post some time back reg earning cash back from shopping. like i said it does work.  however, i am back here to share with you that my earnings have significantly increased. not because i shop more online, but because of the power of my downline.  since i had made the initial post, i since have referredl an additional 644 members to the program.  there is work involved, but the rewards are tremendous and recurring in nature.
    LOVE - this is specifically for you. if you are interested in similar programs open to people outside the USA, consider this link: http://www.easyextramoneyonline.com/pai ... dents.html
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