Collective Capitalization

This is a new twist on an old idea but one that I`m looking to start. I would like to form a vitual corporation dedicated to helping it`s members increase their business. Basically, each member would be a part of a SIC group and the V-corp. will act as a shell to brand product or services. This for the most part is the Home Depot / Wal-Mart model.  Heres`s an example: You have a SMB with 5 employees and you make widgets. Big Box can out price you because of their huge volume. The V-corp does the marketing for it`s members and gets a small percentage and funnels the sell to you. The V-corp is funded through membership qualifications i.e. $24.99 admin fee and 2 referals. The first 2 referals go to the sponsoring company. This way the members have an incentive to bring new members and be paid for the effort. We can also create a micro-lender scenario to fund viable ideas/business.
Just an idea.......... what do you think?


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