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Has anyone ever tried this - tray liner advertising?

FunderbugFunderbug subscriber Posts: 5
edited June 2007 in Marketing
While waiting for my order at Taco City, I noticed that there was a poster with "advertise on our tray liners".
For a pretty decent price, a company could advertise on either a small or large area of the tray liners used at the restaurant.
Has anyone heard of this or tried it?
It might not be a bad idea for a new company to get their name out there, like mine.  However, the thought of taco sauce being dripped all over my logo is not too appealing.


  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2

    While waiting for my order at Taco City, I noticed that there was a poster with "advertise on our tray liners".

    Thanks for the reminder about this idea, Lisa.
    A breakfast place near our Michigan cottage does the same thing with placemats.  I think it could be worth ones while to advertise like this if customers can easily purchase your product/service.  I`m going to visit a farm stand/nursery near the restaurant to see if they`d carry WEDGIE. Would be some free advertising for them because I`d put their name in the ad.  We`re heading to MI tomorrow & I plan to explore the idea.  I hope a placemat/tray liner order isn`t in the 10s (100s ?) of thousands though or who knows how long it would take to get your ad on there. 
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Funderbug, years ago I had my own advertising company and I sold advertising on trayliners through McDonalds and BurgerKing. I sold a bunch of ads because all of the local merchants wanted to be in those highly trafficked restaurants.
    However, when it came time to renew 90 days later, none of the 48 merchants wanted to renew their contracts, because they were disappointed with the results of the advertising.
    In other words, the trayliner advertising didn`t work.
    I had never experienced that before. Whenever I had sold advertising in the past, I always retained at least half of my clientele.
    My recommendation: Don`t do it.
    An ad in Valpak is a much better and proven option. Believe it or not, so are ads on register tape.
    Dale KingDKing2007-6-29 9:28:54
  • FunderbugFunderbug subscriber Posts: 5
    Thank you all for the replies.
    Cartess, I appreciate all of the information you provided. 
    Your explanation and example of direct response marketing is very helpful for any future advertising campaign.   It is really great to get information from an expert in the field. 
    DKing, Wow, I can`t believe that not even one of the companies renewed.  Do you recall approximately how many different ads were on a tray  liner? 
    Cookie, good luck, keep me posted.  I think I`ll look at your garden tool, the wedgie.  I have a walkway where I plant over 100 flowers each spring.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I thought of doing this at one time for a site I run for used commercial trucks. I have seen in some of the truck stops that they use the placemats with advertising on them, so I checked into it, however wasn`t crazy about the pricing. I did notice in this instance, though, that many of the ads on the placemat were truck or truck-related ads. Many of the customers were drivers. So maybe if the placemats are more targeted to the customer base, is it then more practical to try this?
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Funderbug, as I recall, there were a total of 48 ads altogether - 24 for McDonalds and 24 for BurgerKing.
    Dale King
  • DearlyDepartedTshirtsDearlyDepartedTshirts subscriber Posts: 0
    Lisa, Hello and best wishes with Funderbug.com.
    Another concept which may be helpful is to put together a local business "magazine" or mailer and sell ad spots in it while focusing on your own business as the feature article. Build it locally in your community. The revenue from the ad sales may make it feasible to keep doing the newsletter/magazine.
    Best wishes!
    Jeff - DearlyDepartedTshirts.comDearlyDepartedTshirts2007-7-3 18:35:6
  • FunderbugFunderbug subscriber Posts: 5
    That`s a good thought, have you done this "magazine" advertising?  I`d like to see a sample.
    I looked at your site.  Different, creative.  How are you doing with it?
    I know a couple groups that hold golf outings in memory of loved ones.  Not a bad idea for the participants to wear your t-shirts.  The last outing is this weekend, so the timing is not good.  If you have a flyer or card you can send me, I`ll hold on to it for future reference.
  • DearlyDepartedTshirtsDearlyDepartedTshirts subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Lisa. I went so far as to design a magazine and name it, but my partner got busy with his other business and it was bad timing to launch it at that time by myself.
    I still have it in mind, though. If I can remember the name of the local magazine that get delivered around here, I will send the link. I would love to send you a card or two for the golf event. Thats a very interesting event.
    My DearlyDepartedTshirts.com site is only about 3 weeks old and it is starting to come together nicely. I am hoping this week to secure a nice little order of 50 shirts for a memorial service in Brooklyn where my associate Rob, lives and prints our shirts. I am marketing to funeral homes and florists, although anyone is welcome of course.
    It takes time to get new creative and different ideas out there. The trick is hustling to get the word out, but also being patient for the payoff. We are going to be putting some proceeds towards the Twin Towers Orphan Fund, as both my partner and I witnessed the 9-11 event first-hand and it just feels like a good thing to do.
    I sent out 8 press releases this week so perhaps something will come along.
  • DearlyDepartedTshirtsDearlyDepartedTshirts subscriber Posts: 0
    By the way, if anyone does want something for this weekend, it may not be too difficult to put a tshirt tribute together in time..I think we could print pretty quickly if I had a photo or a group of photos. Its Tuesday pm .. if We could complete a design with approval by Thursday Am, I could get it printed by Thusday night and next day delivery via Fedex/UPS. Its doable, I think -if there is interest from your group.
    Be happy to help. Thanks!
  • FunderbugFunderbug subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi Jeff,
    This outing is already underway.  They`d have to incorporate the cost of the shirts into the fee each golfer pays so this year is out.
    Sadly, my husband golfs in 3 outings each year in memory of friends and family members who have died. 
    Recently we lost 3 friends in a small plane crash.  A very painful and sad time for the families.  Maybe funeral homes are too "fresh" for marketing. 
    How do you market tactfully to people who have lost a loved one?  You don`t have to answer, I`m just thinking out loud.
    I do think that your business will spread by "word of mouth".  If a group holds a picnic & people see everyone with your t-shirts...
    Check my profile for my mailing info & send me some biz cards.
  • DearlyDepartedTshirtsDearlyDepartedTshirts subscriber Posts: 0
    I sure will. Marketing to people who have lost a loved one is not so difficult.I have lost loved ones in death, and I can identify with the loss and the pain.
    There are two types of reactions.. either people want to go through the full mourning process and do the tributes, etc or they totally stay away from any remembrance of the painful event and move on and away from the situation.
    The reaction is easy to see. I will get you some cards when i get my new ones from the printer. Stay in touch!
    [email protected]
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