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nextjobhelpnextjobhelp subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
Hello, this is Lee with GirlFridayPlus.com and we are looking forward to some feedback from all the members of StartUpNation.
If you have any additional feedback you would like to provide offline please call 323-272-5955 and we would to speak with you. We are looking for any creative ideas and feedback that will help us along our journey!
Thanks in advance to everyone!


  • shai8181shai8181 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Lee,
    The site is nice. There are a few things that confuse me.
    On the page with the prices for your services it states that it costs $16 per additional hour, and then underneath is states it costs $13 per additional hour. Also there are many places where you state "click here" and there is no link.
    Also, you should explain more what it means $49 for 100 "activities" . What constitutes an activity? I am interested myself as maybe I would use your services for my site.
    Keep us posted and good luck!shai81819/17/2008 5:58 PM
  • ellenwyoellenwyo subscriber Posts: 1
    The first thing I saw was the newsletter call in the middle of the page. I then wondered why I would want to join your newsletter, when I didn`t know anything about your business yet.  In other words, the site is pretty but lacks information on the home page that a reader would find useful for determining whether they wanted to learn more.  I`d talk more about my services and such before asking for information from my readers.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I don`t like the gray text on white background.  You need the text to be a little darker to make it more readable.  Also, don`t underline text - it looks like a link and I waste time trying to click on it.  Especially the one that says: "...AND MANY MANY MORE!".
    Your site is poorly laid out and hard to follow.  The "Sign Up" on every page is a bit obnoxious, and while the stock photo is pretty, it`s too big and wastes a lot of otherwise useable space.  You make the viewer jump around with the "more information" links on virtually every item.
    Why do you have a "Products" page?
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