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Read This.. Investors Needed!!

leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2007 in Startup Funding
I was quit surprise to see so many responses to this blog with limited information. I am also in need of capital for my business start up and figure whats the worst that could happen if I post my request on here. So here is my invitation to all potential investors out there.
I have just been turned down by a bank (not aggressively willing to lend to restaurants) for not having enought collateral for a SBA 7a loan. I am still working with a few other companies to get my funding but in the mean time, I guess I`ll try to raise the capital myself. I am in need of one or two investors to provide 75k for my start up pizza restaurant. I will personally garuantee the loan.
I do have a business plan, excellent credit (720), own my own home (little equity, bought it last year), and I am investing my own 75K into this business. I am 25 years old, with 5 years working as a manager in a Pizza restaurant. I do have my Master degree and my wife and I are both teachers. I am willing to give you 10% return on your investment. I will be making monthly payments to you monthly or quarterly, which ever one you prefer. We can have this agreement/contract drawn up by my attorney or yours.
Again, I`ll personally garuantee this loan. Please email me some information and maybe we can work something out. If you have experiences doing this type of investment before, even better! Email me at [email protected]</A>
Post your opinion/response.....let me know what you experts out there thing. I really like this forum.... excellent information.


  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    While pizza is in higher demand than other types of restaurants, it`s still a tough business.But at least one can enjoy one`s own preparation when business is slow.I know of a local restaurant in a nearby strip mall across the street from a state university.  It`s an ethnic restaurant.  They barely have any customer.  There`re many things that go against the owner`s business, including his origin.  If I mention its name you`ll understand: Sahara.I`d rather have a pizza than a dish of couscous in Sahara!  Now you know what I meant earlier.
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    Okay.... thanks for the info i guess. Still need investors!! 
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    Anyone familiar with Prosper?
  • pagejamespagejames subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m sure you`ve heard of angel investors?  Just google "angel investors, [your city]".  You could also click on the link in my signature below and check out an alternate form of raising capital.
  • REM506REM506 subscriber Posts: 0
  • rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
    prosper.com is people to people lending. It has been  featured on 60 minutes. With your offer, I bet you get funded. Good luck!
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    yes I am currently a member of Prosper, but the problem is the limit on it is only 25k. I just got good word from a broker that my (3rd) SBA loan is probably going to go throught. I`ll have to wait a few days to see what the bank say.
    I am also working with a company to establish corporate credit. We`ll see how that goes also. I really like prosper`s idea. Why pay the bank when we can pay each other. Better return on money and we benefit from our support of one another.
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3

    Where are you located?

    Stockton, CA
  • pagejamespagejames subscriber Posts: 1
    I saw that you are working with a company for corporate credit.  If you are interested, there is an article from another board that talks about how to establish corporate credit on your own.  It`s a very informative post.  I know you are already working with the company, but if you`re interested, I`ll try and find it and post it here.  Just let me know.
    Good fortune,
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I ran into that article a few week ago also. I`ll update everyone what Corporate Credit Concepts does for me. I am currently working with them to get funding for my start up LLC.
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    In a previous post you said you were getting approved for an SBA loan
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    In a previous post you said you were getting approved for an SBA loan
    Yes, I got the initial approval from my broker and the banker who he is working with. According to my broker, we are waiting for the loan committee and the underwriting department for the final approval (Thats the word I got yesterday and I thing its not a quick process).
    I should find out today if everything is a "go" or if there are other conditions/requirements needed. Regardless of what happens, I am working with CCC and I should get a min. 75k of cash credit lines in about 45-60days. I am ready to sign the lease so hopefully everything goes well. leespizzahouse2007-3-27 12:8:40
  • cuttscutts subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Lee, sounds like an interesting idea and you are clearly committed. However, two points to consider.
    Do you really want to offer personal guarantees to potential investors - friends/family/banks maybe, but to people you dont really know?
    Secondly 10% is attractive when rates are at 3%. However, presently an investor can get 5% on funds in the bank or if they invest outside the US can often get 8-9% in markets such as Australia with little risk. So you need to remember the relationship between risk and return on any investment. Higher the risk, higher the return required to take that risk.
    When i invest in small or startup businesses I am looking for capital growth over time to maximise the turn on my original investment and an exit strategy. I know the risks going in, else I wouldnt be investing, therefore the business model and its potential growth is the key. 
    Food for thought.
  • pagejamespagejames subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Lee,
    Any luck on getting your funding?  You said you`d keep us updated.  Hope it`s going well!
  • leespizzahouseleespizzahouse subscriber Posts: 3
    Well... spoke with business specialist from Wells Fargo. He faxed me the application for different loan programs that they have. He said that he should be able to get me 100k in combine business credit (30k business loan, 40 business line of credit, 30k in business credit card). This is only one bank. CCC said if i need additional funding they`ll forward me to another bank who may be able to do the same. But Im still waiting on the bank for their response.....
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