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Business Plan & Financing

leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2008 in Startup Funding
I am in the beginning phases of business development for a Mens Salon/Barber Shop that I plan to open in Las Vegas, NV.
I have moved the the concept, mission statement, tasks, start up estimates, etc. from my head to paper.
However, I have never created a business plan or sought capital for a business venture.
I am doing research, but would greatly appreciate advice on both (business plans & obtaining start-up funds).
Guyz Mens Salon


  • JustTimJustTim subscriber Posts: 0
    I highly recommend you get in contact with Business Credit Services they are located in your back yard in Vegas...
    Check out there website at www.bcscredit.com
    My contact there is John Nerres his direct line is 866-254-6076x133
    These people are experts in helping you start your business on a solid foundation and will help you establish a business line of credit...
    Trust me you will be impressed with their knowledge...
    If you have any questions you can give me a call...
    270-312-7234  tim
  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Congratulations on putting your business idea on paper!  There are many  places that offer free samples of  business plans specific to your business - google it. Another great resource would be your local SCORE office -- they may even match you with a seasoned/retired professional who can personally assist you. Explore your options - Tim & Steve has offered some good tips.
    Follow through with your business - keep in mind some days will be better than others. Here`s wishing you great success!
  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for all the good info!
    I will give them a call and keep you updated!
    Thanks again!
  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    Best Health,
    Thank you for your help and input.
    I am a "google" maniac.
    When i searched that avenue, I came up with software for creating plans.
    They can be impressive, but i recall from my original SCORE meeting, that you have to be careful - like anything else - that you are not throwing your money at something without proven results. Which is what we are all after, right?
    I will take your advise.
    I thought i would tap this forum as well as work with SCORE and research the bookstores and libraries as well.
    Thanks again!
  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you.
    I will start digging!
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Putting it on paper is a great start -Congratulations.
    As you move forward, remember - there are over 50 ways (combination of method and sources) to bring outside capital into a business. It`s often a matter of determining which one is "right" for you.
  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you.
    I will keep my mind and options open.
    Feel free to enlighten me.
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