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Brewpub investors?

LeahkateLeahkate subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2012 in Elevator Pitches
Hi. I have two craft brewpubs which are very new (both less than 18 months) and profitable. I want to open a third - which is larger and in a better location. I approached SBA and they said that I was close but needed another $40,000 in cash in order to close a loan with them for $150K, which will partially fund construction. Neither of the existing pubs have any debt.
I have an excellent record, good credit, etc. The problem is the short time I've been in business - or it's a problem for the SBA. I'm thinking that if I only need the $40K, it might be better for me to bypass the banks altogether and just find an investor in exchange for ownership and a loan.
I created and built both existing pubs, and was general manager at both until I was able to train employees to take over. I'm ready for a new venture. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing a business plan, or if you have any ideas about how I would go about this. I really only need about $150K total, which includes cash for ramp-up and reserves in case of a slow opening (the other two I opened were profitable from day one). I have some cash, and the landlord is kicking in a huge TI budget. It's a new development, high foot traffic, high income, etc.
I live in Portland, Oregon, by the way, home to the best beer on earth...


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