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Marketing Help For You

LLoydLLoyd subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2006 in Marketing
I am listed in profiles under my name LLoyd.
 have been disabled since 2000. I was unable to walk or get out of bed. Over 5 years and 4 operations I am somewhat ambulatory. I have a office at home and have a Sales/Management Marketing background. I am looking to be a help and encouragement to anyone that has a business that they want to continue to grow. I`m 57y/o and very responsible and reliable. Always have my email open: auspatriotman@myway.com


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    SeminalConceptsSeminalConcepts subscriber Posts: 2
    LLoyd <
    You may wish to check a post from SeminalConcepts
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Kathy - I`m sure Lloyd can help you - sounds like he has many years of marketing experience. I`ll be glad to help where I can, too - a few years in marketing myself.

    One idea: I posted a link last week to a story about a young man - with his dad`s help - who started an office chair company when he was 14 years old - he is now 19. The company is now doing $15 million a year. Called [url=%20http://www.startupnation.com/pages/community/forum_posts.asp ?TID=315&amp;PN=1]bizchair.com[/url] - I don`t know how quickly you can scale up for a lot of business but maybe you should talk to bizchair about your idea. Maybe you could ride their coattails and supply them with your covers so they have one more option to offer to their established customer base. Worth some pondering - IMHO. They already have a huge customer base and ready market for your product if they decide to partner up with you and your products.
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