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How to find Partner(s)

lawrence619lawrence619 subscriber Posts: 3
Assuming no one has any business connections...how does one go about finding potential partner(s) for a site concept?
w/o sounding weird, to say the least.lawrence6195/17/2008 10:45 AM


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    st8icst8ic subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    First your friends (be careful), then your coworkers or ex-coworkers, then I would try college/university campuses, then the internet as a last resort.
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    lawrence619lawrence619 subscriber Posts: 3
    lol - I lost a friend because of a failed potential  business plan.
    One was putting in more work than the other(and we equally agreed so), yet the other demanded still it be 50/50 ownership, revenue spilt.
    As for all the internet sites, I used most of the main ones - I got nowhere.
    As for college campuses, how? I post flyers on boards? or create a stand/kisok for a few days?
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    SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    If you don`t know this person very well, a background check is a must.  You need to find out this person`s professional past and contact other people he (or she) has worked with.
    Good Luck,
    Sandy Glover
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