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TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2007 in Website Critique
Just two questions:1) When you first look at the website linked below, please squint your eyes and think about the visual impression - whether it looks more like a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer site design. If you think it`s a mix, could you post your guesstimation of what percent of each? http://japan-translation.japanese-web.com/2) Same site. Regarding content, is it easy to see whether our focus is B2B or B2C? I.e., it`s not ambiguous at all, right?Thanks so much StartupNationals!!Lawrence
Translation2007-8-21 23:26:39


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    curicuri subscriber Posts: 2
    What I see is
    Business to Professional 75%
    Business to Business 25%
    Business to Consumer 0%
    I don`t see this as something for your average consumer
    Such as: 
    Mom wanting to translate a recipe.
    Dad wanting to translate a fishing guide.
    Uncle Bob wanting to translate his imported beer bottle.
    Older brother wanting to translate college work.
    Or little sister wanting to translate the made in china instructions on her new doll house.
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you curi and CraigL for taking the time to review that.

    Here`s something funny. I was unfamiliar with the phrase "business to
    professional," and Googled it. Out of 700-something results, this very
    thread appeared in the 7th from the top on the first page of results!

    Well, the two reviews so far contradict each other.

    I don`t see this as something for your average consumer
    Looks like business-to-consumer to me
    Here are some responses we received to the same question in a different
    online community (for our industry):
    I looked at the website very quick (sorry, I didn`t have much time).
    My impression is that the focus lies on Business-to-Business. That goes
    for both questions.

    I hope that it`s what you intended...
    When I see the references I have the impression that it`s B2B.

    But the chart of your worflow suggests a relation B2C, even if the
    consumer may be corporate.
    I think Craig noticed something I`ve also noticed: the page does look
    busy, jam packed, and needs some white space.

    Nevertheless, as with any commercial site, when we look at stats we find
    that the people who are really looking for what we offer do click on many
    pages, spend time, read, and contact us.

    So far anyway!Translation2007-8-24 0:7:49
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
    I`m finding that you can get a lot of indexing mileage by having your small
    business site linked from other sites within related industries.

    Example: http://
    <a class="postlink" href="
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    ok, let me give it a shot.When first arriving on the page, I found it difficult to read the information. The text is so small on my Mac laptop running Firefox I think the layout looks great if it were a printed document, but that small of text and a screen packed with verbiage is overwhelming. I don`t know where to start reading.After suffering through the massive text and squinting my eyes to read (I have bad eyes to begin with), I felt as though the copy was directed towards individuals owning small to medium sized businesses.For example, if I were doing business online as a sole proprietor and had few employees, it`s likely I may need a translator from time to time. I would use a service like this for those customers abroad or to assist in the building of import export relationships. It`s likely I haven`t the budget to hire a staff member for the task of translation.I do agree about the layout suggestions... I would increase the text size overall. I would add white spaces, and maybe create a flow to the information that isn`t so overwhelming. Maybe the content can be broke into a couple of pages? Anyway... that`s my thought.
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