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Starting a Clothing Company

rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
Ive seen tons of posts in the forum about starting a clothing company.
Here are some key things you need to do, as each year there are thousands of clothing startups. Those who make it have a few key things in common.
1. Dont think you will make money with only online sales. Have a second strategy. (retail, wholesale etc.)
2. If you are going to open a store, raise funds to open at least two stores..making your clothing company a chain. Do NOT open up only 1 store. You want to be able to franchise or own all the stores when your brand takes off.
3. Even if you only have a cart in a mall, open up 2 locations to make your store a chain... see the pattern?
4. Get an internship for a company that you would like to emulate. There is nothing better than short internships. You get experience, and something to add to your resume...giving you instant credibility.
5. For wholesale orders find a fashion sales rep to pick up your line. Provide them with samples, line sheet and order form. Some reps will work for only commissions, others require a salary plus commission mix. Make sure they have contacts in the fashion industry and experience with lines similar to your own.
6. Find out who you "hang with" - There is nothing new in fashion and fnd out who your competitors are. Get your sales rep to target the stores other companies are already in. You can create your own store list by visiting the sites of your competitors and looking at what stores they sell to.
7. Create a unique brand. It can be a simple logo or a theme.
8. Go to industry trade like MAGIC. www.magiconline.com</A>
9.  Speak to everyone you can who is in the fashion industry. I have found that talking with small boutique owners is the best way to pick their brains on any fashion questions you may have.
Good Luck!rocknroll3332007-2-1 3:42:13


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    gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1
    Great info. In addition garment quality is always good.  I`ll actually going to to a line of shirts for a spacific industry.  <- i`m exited  because there is no one in this industry right not that is providing my idea.
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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Laurie -Great advice.  Years ago (Yikes! - almost 20 years now) I was the creative director for a clothing manufacturer and it was a fascinating industry.  If I were to add anything to your suggestions it would be: Be nontraditional in your marketing and promotion efforts.  It`s almost expected in the industry.  You need to do the unusual to attract the attention of the media, potential retail markets and the end customer.During Fashion Week I arranged for one bicycle company to be outfitted in our clothing for the week.  Each rider got to select three complete outfits to use as they pleased in mixing, matching and adding to their own unique wardrobes.  It was hugely successful - and I got personal pleasure from the fact that the bike messengers were picking up and delivering packages at other fashion firms in town in our attire.  The tactic did get media attention - including a mention in Business Week magazine.- J.
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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    Good advice.  But don`t forget to protect your intellectual property!!!  I`m primarily talking about the brand (trademark) but you could also be developing copyrightable material too. 
    In the case of the brand, get a trademark search done BEFORE you start up so that you do not infringe anyone else`s trademark.  Then register your trademark sooner rather than later so that someone else cannot register it.  It is possible to do all this yourself and do it on line but it is so complicated that you would be much better served hiring an expert, like myself to do it for you.
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    CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
    Hi Laurie,
    That is some great advice.  I am also looking at starting my own line of clothing.  I make Hawaiian/tropical shirts, dresses, and other casual, tropical items.  My fiancee and I are getting married next spring and we are having the ultimate "laid-back" wedding.  It will be on the beach, so no shoes allowed.  I am making the shirts for myself (obviously), my two groomsmen, her father, and step father.  I am also making the dresses for her two maids of honor, my mom, my step-mother, her step-mother, and her mother (MAN I NEED TO GET GOING). 
    Right now, we are thinking that our niche will be to go to wedding shows and offer the people that are having a wedding like ours, the chance to have shirts and/or dresses made just for them for their wedding day.  Even if they are not getting married in them, I believe it will also work as something they can give as a wedding present.  A store is in the future, but only if I can generate enough interest.  I know that this market is tough with Tommy what`s-his-name.  I would appreciate any other advice you can offer.
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    RioToursAdventuresRioToursAdventures subscriber Posts: 0
    Also, try new clothes designs, for sure here in South America you will find lots of ideas, specially in Brazil where prices are so low comparing to the US, and you can find incredible pieces, i will be more than happier to give you assistence and join you in your ideas!;)
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    jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    To start a company or any business, you firts need to think of the best and unqiue name. Try it here http://eatmywords.com/
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