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Tradeshow Giveaways! what do you like?

LauraGlynnLauraGlynn subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Marketing
Any recs for tradeshow giveaways?  What do you keep?  Any recommendations for vendors?


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    davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    I always keep nice pens...not the cheap ones, but the nice ones and people normally ask me at least once where I got it or what the company it says on it.Besides that the best thing I have ever seen given away is one of the "sticky" pads that lets you put your cell phone on your car dash board without falling off.  One of my employee got one from an ADP rep and has had it on his car dashboard ever since.Hope this helped....good luck!
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    JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    I just had to say something about the cool pens. I have been giving away the real "Joe Cool" since returning from a 6 year Consultant contract in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1998. They have been a "hit" for all ages in all cultures.
    Here is the description: The pen is red, yellow and black...It has two Smiley faces, my company name, website and my motto "where Quality is NEVER and Accident" (There is an international story on my choice for that motto). Whoever I give the pen to, I always say "Now everyone has a small frown on their face at times and when you get one, just look at the smiley face on the "Joe Cool" pen and you will start to smile" It works everytime and I have had some of the best return looks and comments from ages 6 to over 90 years (young). Yesterday, a middle schooler in Detroit asked me if he could have an extra pen to give to his best friend! I was invited to give a presentation to a Parent`s Day event at Barbour Magnet MS..
    It has been heart-whelming for me to watch the expression of faces. It is truly gratifying to be giving back to the "area of my birth to make a difference".
    Best to All and have a great and successful day.
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    jemjem subscriber Posts: 0
    I keep pens and post-it notes  for myself. I have also pick up giveaways that my kids will play with and those are often the items that I end up seeing the most.
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