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Input Please - Concierge Service

JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello All,
I am a new member of this site, but I have been using it as resource to come up with ideas lately.  I`ve always had an entreprenurial sprit and I have done various small business projects since I was a teenager. I am always coming up with new business and invention ideas.  My biggest challenge is lacking the motovation and/or resources to follow through.  Currently, I am interested in the Concierge Service Industry.  I`ve done some research on this business and it definitely fits my personality and my ideal career descriptions.  I love to do many things, learn constantly, meet new people, and eliminate redundancy.  I hate structure so a business as dynamic as this seems to fit me.  I am motivated the most by financial success and happiness on the job. When researchiing the industry, I see that the average income potential is around the same amount that I make at my full-time job. When I think of all of the hassle and risk involving crafting my own business, the financial incentives keep me going. However, with a career that may only give me the same salary as my current, I was curious as to how I could change that. Do the numbers I see regarding average salary in the concierge business reflect one person businesses only, or is there a way that income can become unlimited if I hire employees? Also, do you think that hiring interns could provide the staff I need without the huge amount of overhead paid in salaries? I`m going to start off small, doing this on my own, but I`d love some ideas on how to expand my business into a more lucrative organization. Has anyone had success in this business. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated. I look forwarded to talking with you all regarding your business ventures.
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