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Name and tagline advice

JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2008 in Marketing
Hello, I am starting a concierge/lifestyle management service within the next year and I need to come up with names.  For some reason, the name Aura pops up and I like it.    Aura Concierge.  What do you think?  It really has no meaning, but I will try to make some sense out of the name in regards to the industry if I select it. 
 I also like the tagline "Time is of the essence"  Any other ideas or suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!


  • EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
    I think you need some more info about your company before you can decide this. it`s taken me months and a very lengthy discussion here on SuN for me to settle on a name and tagline. And it took a lot of analysis about what i wanted my name to say about my company. I made lists of every word i could think of to describe my business mission and style. and put them together in hundreds of combinations.
    Personally, i live in san francisco...land of the new age hippy movement...so when i hear Aura to me it definitely has a metaphysical kind of connotation.  Think people wearing long tie-dyed clothes with crystals looking to cleanse your body or home of negative energy and stuff like that. I`m not sure that`s the connection you want to have to a concierge service.  Unless of course, you`re into that kind of thing.
    I think your name and tagline it something that`s really important and should have significant meaning to you if not everyone else. What do you want people to know about your company? What makes your company special? What`s your personal style? Who would want your services? You mentioned the tagline, time is of the essence.  Why is time of the essence?  It sort of sounds like you`re in a hurry for something. If time was an important aspect to your company, like time management is something you focus on, then maybe it could work.  Paired with a name that mentions it.  Like "Tick Tock Concierge - where time is of the essence."  (i don`t really like that name, just an example). 
    Good luck and try not to be hasty with picking something. You`ll be glad you did in the long run
  • JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks.  I appreciate the help.  I`m going to continue coming up with ideas.  Here are a few that my friend suggested:
    Gift of Time Concierge
    Call it a Day! Concierge
    Exhale Concierge
    A Matter of Time
  • BannerViewBannerView subscriber Posts: 1
    I`d recommend coming up with an interesting backstory (I tell people to envision their company 20 years into the future when they`ve had a history of success). Whether factual or something that invokes what your company is about, it`ll give you a "pitch" when describing what your company has to offer. From that backstory, you should be able to develop a tag line and name for your company.
  • FlyRightFlyRight subscriber Posts: 0
    I guess I`d need to know more about the services you have to offer, but I think EdgEvent is right--"Aura" is a little too new-age-y. (btw--good name, EdgEvent!). What exactly is a non-hotel concierge? Or are you affiliated with a hotel? I chose my store name, Fly Right Gifts, with the tagline "straighten up and fly right" because I`m doing a self-proclaimed "light green" take on gifts--there`s something about each product that reduces the impact on our environment. I started out thinking I`d call it Scissors because I was running with it, but that just sounds like a hair salon or scrapbooking store.
  • JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
    A non-hotel concierge offers the same amenities to individuals and businesses.  Basically, a service that helps people get things done that they normally would not be able to fit into thier schedules; from simple errands to more sophisticated requests.  I like the idea of incorporating time into my business name since i am focusing on the aspect of time and lifestyle management.  Many of the concierge services that I researched have time in the name.  e.g. TimeWise, A Matter of Time, in the Nick of Time.  I want to be original, but I also want to sound professional, as my main market will consist of small businesses and corporations who will incorporate my services into employee benefits packages.
  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    I would encourage you to explore names if you are not confident about the name. However, I think Aura Concierge is fine.  What matters most is how your company deliver its services. As CraigL listed the definition, you can find a way to relate to it. In any case, if you offer excellent services, you will build a strong reputation - great reviews - repeat clients - which in turn may lead to more clients of Aura Concierge.
    I wont spend too much time on the name as I would developing a plan on how to make my business attract clients.
  • FlyRightFlyRight subscriber Posts: 0
    Also, don`t forget that you`ll have to say it and write it a lot, so make sure it flows easily from your lips. What about Time Well Spent? (implying they can spend their time doing more "important" things and the spent might make them think about money well spent as well). Good luck! I wish I could afford to use your services! (not just yet, anyway)
  • JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
    Another suggestion...Any thoughts?
    Lifetyme Concierge

    Taglines:Make time. Live life.

    Enjoy the Moment

    Are you ready for your next task?
  • FlyRightFlyRight subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t like the misspelling (tyme). There`s also the Lifetime channel on cable, could that be confusing? (since it`s a channel for women) As for the tagline, I think it should indicate more about what you do for the client. Like Enterprise has the "we`ll pick you up" as theirs. Or Grayhound used to say "leave the driving to us". 
  • JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
    I love "Time Well Spent".  Was that a name suggestion or a tagline?  Does anyone have any feedback on that as a name or tagline?
  • creeocreeo subscriber Posts: 1
     What about an acronym for the "tag line" as the name?      How about - 
                     TEAL Concierge - Time Enough At Last
     Just food for thought.......
    From an old Twilight Zone episode......
  • JovanJovan subscriber Posts: 3
    Nice idea.  I used to like the name AURA Concierge for the same reason.  I was thinking of a tagline along the lines of "At your request always" or something similar.
  • EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
    What if you tried something like "You Rang" (or U-Rang) or "You Called" (or U-Called) or "Little Bell" instead of the time thing?
    I kin of like "Little Bell Concierge Service....Just a ring away"
    Everyone knows those stereotypical butler types that say "You rang sir?" in a deep gravelly voice.  Or the people who ring the little bells to summon servants. It evokes the images of snobby high society, mansions and rich people, which is something virtually everyone aspires to have, (whether they want to admit it or not). 
    With a name like that, you`re saying..hey i`m here to help you with your errands like a butler or concierge would and you`re just a call (or ring) away. Plus, it would be easy to design a logo using a bell shape or butler figure.
    Also, if you think of an eyecatching word or phrase, you don`t need to put Concierge in your business name, it can go in the tagline. (just as an example)  JOVAN...Personal Concierge Services for the Time Deficient
    Just a thought.
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    I like EdgEvents suggestions. Don`t care for Aura, do feel it is to new age...I wouldn`t worry too much about trying to appeal to both corporate and others, this will just curb your creativity.
    I remember a courier service that started years ago in Philadelphia called "Heaven Sent", name is nothing like Fed Ex, UPS or DHL but I passed a truck a few weeks ago and they are still in business with bigger trucks and they are international.
    Good Luck!
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