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Anyone buy niche sites?

larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
edited June 2006 in Sales
I`m just curious if anyone here on the forum buys niche websites, As in a complete package - website, ebook, articles?


  • GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes try ebay and if your site is resonable then it will sell. However just as a caution, I`ve seen sites go for dirt cheap on ebay that may have taken a lot more energy to create.
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    I`ve sold stuff on eBaY, and I`ve showed eBaYers howto do it better! I speak with confidence.Technology is hard on eBaY, unless it is marketedwith a professional marketing philosophy - testimoniesand salemanship. Make your eBaY content looklike a webpage(not a homebrew script) and dothe $20 feature(hey, its business - not letstry .99cent first bid!) I saw an ad. where a guythrew a website together and sold for $100.because he understood impulse buying,however, I don`t believe that`s the answer.
    send me an email - anyone - I will showyou a good time on eBaY(Free!).
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    yeah, buy and sell postage stamps - just pretendthat they are miniature stock offers (less boring thatway!) - the reason - you will get lots of page views!!even if you breakeven - hundreds of visitors withoutmajor expenses. Next, sell used books - but don`tsell to low - I have a friend whom is selling bookshigher than others - he makes money!! Tell aboutthe book and its story(paperbacks, too!). You might also add somecollectibles - I like going to auctions and buythe lowest bidded stuff - people tease me there - butI got stuff for less than $5 and sold them for Hundreds!!I joke not.Now you have traffic, bids and some decentmoney comming-in!!People like you because you deliver fast!
    and now its time to use your imaginationand throw-in some offers that are betterplanned - you`ll know what I mean atthat point!! You might try selling boats, cars and planesfor other people - be smart, don`t get intoa legal hassle.Do not listen to eBooks - I`ve seen themall!! I`ve got more infomation than youcan handle - email your q`s.Don;t forget that the money madeon eBaY can be leveraged into another.biz for profit multiplication - and thenthat money back into eBaY.Funny, everytime I see anythingthat talks about making moneyon eBaY - it does not give the eBaYI.D. for reference - Seldom!(don`tbuy testimonies unless they showI.D. attached!)I can show you Powersellersbut they work hard - Be preparedto do the same($5,000-$30,000monthlyfrom a spare room).
    email any q`s - I`ve got noteslike you never seen before!!
  • larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    Heck now I`m glad I did start the post!
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    also, its interesting that finding merchandise at $6. with $13 evaluation is hard to do(how many objects are liquidated) and by reading this example carefully - we see that $5. is made on the resale, if you are successful to get someone to add $6.for shipping ontop of the thirteen they talked about!! that why I only buy stuff dirt cheap - who the heck would buy a used object at $13, when they can go to flea market themselves or buy a new one for $18. tough going for sure. but I`ve found that the best pricing is around $9.00 because fees increase at $10. on ebay - people who sell stuff on ebay for less than $9 are idiots after fees and shipping costs factored in. eBaY is hard but you have to be flexible and will to chance - don`t start stuff too low. find a pattern that works and keep reworking it. buy a book at $1. from a $15 dollar lot and sell at $9 + $3.50 s/h. it should take about 100 hours of concentrated effort to become good - but you will succeed. i have mega notes!!! for u.
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    i`ll cut to the chase - here`s another example worthing thinking about - the object made $5.00 /how many would youhave to sell to make serious income (50?). that`s only$250 dollars - sounds like a lot, doesn`t it. do you knowhow much work it takes to sell 50items on ebay. when
    your bidding is only 20-30% of the items listed.
    another words you posted not 50 auction but
    150 auctions to get 50 sold. and the labor isintensive (locate 150 items dirt cheap, postpack 50, handle paypal, and ship - after readingemails, too!) Yikes.
    and when you pay uncle same taxes on $250
    that doesn`t leave much for food. and you
    have to reinvest for biz growth. too!
    do i seem negative here!! there is hope!
    we explore these things so we can adjust
    our performance. I`ve done tons of
    research and taught Powersellers how-to!!
    Ask questions. You will make moneyif you have $5,000 + to invest!! a month!
    just put merchandise on credit card....to be continued.
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    and you can obtain a credit card from PayPal - have that repaid within thirty days(not trying to be funny with suggestion) but we havn`t got that far.
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