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Help! We need to find someone who can . . .

Larry19Larry19 subscriber Posts: 1
Yes, we need to find someone who can turn marketing ideas into hardcopy for placement in print media and later expand these ideas into ad campaigns.We have tried calling various marketing "outfits" but have gotten nothing but excuses.We have product,  We need to create a revenue stream.The only information I can divulge at this stage, is that the product is for connection to residential/home business telephone line and pricing is  tentatively set at $149.95


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    gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1
    I may be able to help you with your graphic needs. As far as distribution of markteing material to the general public you might to want to talk to your local news paper and see if they can redirect you to a company that deal strickly with insert flyers in magazines and newspapers.
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    SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Larry
    I`ve just joined and am looking through old posts to get a feel for the site, so apologies if you don`t still need assistance.
    One question I have is...... What level of help are you needing?
    The reason I ask is that if you already know what copy (what you want to say) about the product then my experience with Magazines, newspapers, etc is that in return for you placing advertising, the publication normally has someone who will lay it out for you as well as assist in putting it together. Especially if they think you will be placing regular advertising with them. This is dependant on the ad being a success - hence the publication is incentivised to try and be as successful as possible.
    Finally - If you are placing in multiple media, ensure that a different toll free telephoe number is used per publication (within similar geographical locations). Customers are notoriously bad at saying exactly where they got the ad from. I once got 200+ responses from USA today - despite never placing an ad in there!
    Good luck!
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